A Run and a Mexi-Salad

What’s up, everybody???

I’m headed back to work after a little weekend off.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to post on my days off because I still don’t have internet at my apartment.  For the most part, I utilize the Wi-Fi on the ferry in order to blog.

The bf and I spent the majority of my time off over at his parents’ house, visiting his mom, and helping her unpack after returning from spending 5 months in Arizona.

We also hung out with his brother, and my friend, Molly.  This would have to be my favorite picture from the whole weekend. Yes, Molly and Sean have my dog suspended by his toy.  That little dude has some strong jaws!  And also, yes, he is wearing a tiny little t-shirt!

Last night involved going over to my mom’s house for dinner.  I had a classic Gardenburger with ketchup, mustard, guacamole, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and tomato. It was delicious.  I wish I had pictures.  We ran out of buns after my first burger, so I enjoyed my second patty by itself with a generous topping of the sauteed mushrooms and onions.  I’m a sucker for those on a burger.

My mom gave me the rest of the guacamole to take home with me, which inspired a new salad today!

Meet the Mexi-Salad!

As per usual, loaded with every veggie in the house, including spring mix, baby bell peppers, cucumber, mushroom, carrot, snap peas and tomato.  Garbanzos and black beans thrown in for a little protein.

And the star of the show.Guacamole!  I looooove me some avocado.

It’s a super quick and easy way to completely change up the tone of your salad, using just one simple ingredient switch.

In other news, I ran again this morning!  I’m still not being quite as good as I’d like about getting out the door in mornings, but I still believe that something is better than nothing.

Garmin stats:Aka four laps around the park.

Not too shabby!  I always feel so amazing when I run.  I need to remember that feeling and help it boost me into action on the days when running seems like a chore.

Oh yeah, while I was running an older man told me that “if they could bottle that energy, I’d buy a bottle!” Gotta love it!

Time for me to sit back, drink my green smoothie, and enjoy the rest of my ferry ride.

Have a wonderful day!!

❤ Lindsay


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