Oreos are Vegan

Guess what?

Oreos are vegan!

Now, I don’t advocate eating sugary sweets, but sometimes it just happens. No need to fight it 100% of the time! 😉

Look at that sexy man cooking me dinner! I’m so lucky!

He’s in the process of making slow-cooker chili in this picture. I swear, he is the best chili maker ever. Hands down. Especially the kind with no planning whatsoever that end up including everything but the kitchen sink.

This one has kidney beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, quinoa, potatoes, snap peas, celery, carrot, tomato, sweet baby bell peppers, onion, cayenne, chili powder and Cholula. This may be an incomplete list, as I was not the cook.

We each ate at least two bowls last night.  The bf even ate two bowls for breakfast this morning!  I just brought some with me to take for a snack later tonight.

Side note: I really like the round Ziploc containers with the screw-on lids for transporting soups and chilis to work.  I once had a regular container open up and dump soup all over my backpack before.  Not cool.  Screw-on is the way to go.

This morning I woke up and knew I was going to go running.  It just had to happen.  I ate a Mrs. May’s bar for fuel, forced the bf out of bed and got out there.

Garmin Stats:

(I wear my Garmin on the inside of my wrist, because otherwise it bumps my wrist bone, and it actually gave me a bruise when I first had it!)

After my run I sipped on some coconut water with a yerba mate tea bag.  I got that idea from Thrive Fitness by Brendan Brazier, a vegan triathlete.  It’s supposed to be an electrolyte energy drink.  I seriously looooove coconut water.

I’m currently drinking a green smoothie.  It’s a slightly strange combination of mango, orange, chard, plain protein powder, hemp seeds, almond milk and water.  We’re currently out of most of the usual smoothie fruit, so this was an improve.  I still haven’t really had a chance to get to the grocery store recently.

I also made a delicious salad, that began as an attempt to recreate the Peanut Sauce Baked Tofu from Love Veggies and Yoga.  While my product was pretty darn foodgasmic, it didn’t hold together as well as it was supposed to, so it was more of a tofu mash.  However, I decided that it would make a great salad topper.  I just tossed the tofu on top of some greens with a bit of sesame oil, and a beautiful salad was born.

This was the salad I made with it last night.  Today’s salad is quite a bit bigger, since I usually take the beasts to work.

Well, I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

Buy yourself some flowers!

I did! 🙂

I feel like they make my house look a little happier.  Or at least makes me a little happier. 🙂

❤ Lindsay



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4 responses to “Oreos are Vegan

  1. thanks for trying the recipe…you have to really PRESS the tofu well or all tofu crumbles in the baking process.

    • It was delicious! You were right that the sauce is practically drinkable! I will definitely be giving it another shot. It was amazing as a salad topper though!

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