I Love the Northwest

Hola!  Como Estas?

I’m doing swell.  I just enjoyed a great couple of days off from work, and am currently enjoying the gorgeous day that we are having up here in Washington.

I woke up bright and early to go to the dentist this morning.  Just my routine cleaning.

Always good to feel so fresh and so clean, clean!

I went home and got my ass handed to me by Jillian.

I’m in worse shape than I thought, because I was definitely having difficulties, even just with level one.  Burn, baby!

I’m currently enjoying a brunch of green smoothie and a leftover Not-Chicken Salad pita.

You definitely need to try that recipe for a quick and easy lunch solution.

Obviously, I titled this post “I Love the Northwest” for a reason.  When I moved back to Kitsap County from Pullman last May, I had forgotten how much I loved the area that I’m from.  Then, a couple of my friends showed me a trail, just a few miles from where my parents live, and it made me fall back in love.  It is soooo gorgeous.  This time of year, especially, everything is alive and in bloom.  With yesterday being as beautiful as it was, I decided to take Keenan and Arlo out and show them the trail.

The trail is only a bit over a mile, but it’s almost completely on a hillside, which makes it a bit of a workout.

You start up here.

And ended up down here.

The trail was pretty muddy, and for some reason, Keenan decided to wear his $1 flip-flops, so he ended up doing most of the hike barefoot.

Such a mountain man.

I’m glad that I live in a place that makes being outdoors such an easy and wonderful experience.

What’s your favorite motivation to get outdoors?

❤ Lindsay


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