Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hello Ladies and Germs!

What happened to that gorgeous weather we were having this morning???  Dang it, Seattle!  How can you do this to me?

I planned for clear skies and sunshine!

Not cool!  Needless to say, my feet, pants and jacket are soaked.

I just need to remind myself that if it weren’t for the rain, we wouldn’t have all that gorgeous green that Washington is known for.

Plus lucky for me, little did I know, but I was preparing my body ahead of time with some warm soupy good-ness.

I started out with a cup of Yukon Gold potato soup from the hospital cafeteria.

Apparently this soup is special, because along with a sticker that says “vegan” on the label, it also says “wellness”.  I don’t know what I’m getting well from, but I’ll take it!

I had this along with the last of the Not-Chicken Salad in a pita with spinach.  Figured I wouldn’t bother showing it to you for the third time.

I also had my usual giant salad for lunch, but forgot to take a picture. No big.  Not like it looks that different from the salads that I eat every other day.  It contained spring mix, cucumber, sprouts, grape tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and Annie’s Goddess dressing.

My dinner was another soup.  This one was some Amy’s lentil soup with nutritional yeast.

Told you it was a soupy sort of day.

Okay, so this is totally weird, but after eating this soup, I kept having these little burps that tasted like lentil soup.  It was special.  And kind of gross.  I did get an adorable text from Keenan though, “I miss you. I wish you could have lentil burps here.”  Now that is love. 🙂

Just to prove how slow it was at work tonight, this is how dead the cafeteria at the hospital was.

I see one person.  The emptiness of the cafeteria is basically a direct correlation to the emptiness of the rest of the hospital, so obviously I was bored.  I guess I shouldn’t complain, though, since that means that I get paid to sit and read blogs all day. 😉

Well, kids, a little birdy just told me that there should be the beginnings of a new vegan mac and cheese recipe waiting for me when I get home.  Check in tomorrow to see how it turned out!

Have a lovely Saturday night!

❤ Lindsay


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