New Foods!

Hey there!

I got off work early today!!!  I get to go home and actually enjoy some of this lovely day! 🙂

Is it just me or do I have a lot of pics like this? I need my own personal photographer...

I am just chillin out enjoying the scenery on my way home, and listening to my Taylor Swift station on Pandora.  It’s funny, I barely listen to country in the colder months, but as soon as the sun pops it’s head out, I bust out the country tunes.  It just works.

After work, I had time to grab Starbucks before I caught the bus, so I got myself the iced version of my favorite drink, the grande soy chai.

The beverage itself didn’t manage to last long enough to make it in front of the camera, so we must settle for my cup and ice.  Darn iced drinks, emptying themselves so quickly!

I was able to enjoy a wonderful vegan lunch in the hospital cafeteria before work earlier.  It’s very rare that the line is actually serving some vegan, other than veggie sides, so getting a huge plateful of tofu yakisoba, baby bok choy, and edamame was a huge treat for me!

It was actually my first time trying both edamame AND bok choy!  I know, it’s shocking!  It was all delicious, and I was seriously thrilled to be able to get a nice wholesome meal like this at my place of work.  This happens, like, never.

Anyway, once I’m home I plan to go do some grocery shopping  (Happy Payday to me!), and watch the Heat destroy the Bulls again (I’m hoping).  Should be great!

What’s a food that you’ve never tried, but want to?

Have a great weekend!

❤ Lindsay


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