A Typical Saturday

Hey you!  Was your Saturday great?  I’m sure hope so!

Of course, I was at work all day, but that’s alright.  It was raining out anyway.

When I got to work today I was feeling the need for some fresh fruit, so I searched the cafeteria until I found some fresh pineapple.

So juicy and delicious.  Sometimes you just need some fruit.

Actually, thanks to this pineapple I was almost late for work.  For some reason I thought that I was starting at :45-after instead of :30-after, and my actual starting time didn’t dawn on me until I was finishing up my pineapple.  It’s alright though, I hurried up and changed and was on time. 🙂

Since we went grocery shopping last night I was finally able to have one of my typical salads for dinner.

Contents include: spring mix, shredded carrot, cucumber, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper, pumpkin seeds, and Annie’s Goddess dressing.  Always good.

On my second break, I devoured a 5-Bean Soup, which was one of the 10 for $10 organic soups that we bought at Fred Meyer yesterday.

I can’t actually remember the brand, but it was good.  We bought one of each of the vegan flavors, so I should have quite the assortment of soups in the next couple weeks.  For some reason I really enjoy having soups with my dinner.  Probably because they’re quick and easy to eat, and because they’re often pretty high in protein.  Especially good for days like today when we forget to throw protein in my salad.

I guess the plan tonight is to stop by our friend Heather’s bonfire to say hi, since she’s in town visiting for the weekend.  Then we want to go home and get to bed early so we can get up early and go to church in the morning.  We only have the opportunity to go to church every other week because of my work schedule, and honestly, we haven’t made much of an effort to go on the days that we can.  Keenan and I both want to start putting in the effort to make it on the days that we can.  I always come out feeling so refreshed and happy.  Kind of like yoga, minus the physical workout. 🙂

Have a lovely night!

❤ Lindsay


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