Sleepy Sunday

Morning my lovelies!

I’m feeling much better today!  I even got my appetite back last night.  I ate a piece of toast with Earth Balance, finished up the other half of the rice and seaweed combo that I made, and drank a big ol’ green smoothie with almond milk, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, dulse powder, spinach, a banana, a small nectarine and a small peach, and a few frozen strawberries.  It definitely felt good to get at least a few nutrients in my body for the day.  I was even lucky enough that when Keenan finally got home from work (around 1:30am) he brought me another one of the grilled portobello burgers from the restaurant.  I’m definitely liking this situation.  🙂

Today is one of my typical Sunday’s where I’m going to be in the office at work all day long taking phone calls.  The lack of patients on the weekends can make it pretty boring in there.  Hopefully I can stay awake!  I am pretty darn tired after last night, what with not sleeping well for the first couple hours because Keenan wasn’t there, and then waking up and sitting up for a bit once he did get home.  Most of his work nights shouldn’t be THAT late though, I don’t think.

Here is my batch of work food for the day:

Pretty standard fare.  Smoothie, sandwich, salad and soup.  All lovingly prepared for me this morning by my wonderful boyfriend, who dragged his sleepy butt out of bed to help me get ready for work.  Be jealous. 😉

Want something to read?

 Like This Veggie? Try that One! from Women’s Health Magazine
Summer Grilling Tips from
Costco: Surprise Vegan Haven from Savvy Vegan (they also have lots of great articles on how to save some cash as a vegan!)
Healthy Food Awards from Self Magazine (Not everything might be vegan, but they definitely have some great stuff on there.)

Have a wonderful day!!

❤ Lindsay



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2 responses to “Sleepy Sunday

  1. Welcome back and Happy Sunday! Thanks for the end of the year wishes. 🙂 Your green smoothie just got me stoked to make my own since I’m finally out of the dorms and can cook things again…

  2. Yay! Green smoothies are the best! Food in college is sooo much better once you actually have your own house/apartment. That was when I started asking for kitchen equipment for every gift-giving occasion!

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