Celebration Dinner!

We had a wonderful birthday celebration for my mom this evening!

I love the goofy look my step-dad is making!  We went out to Bremerton Bar and Grill (Again!!! They’re gonna get sick of me!)

My grandma joined us as well!

My mom is amazing.  She is always there to support me, help fix my problems, or just to be someone to sit around and watch Mamma Mia! with for the dozenth time.  Her love is inifinite.  She has also majorly impressed me in the last couple years in her attempts to live a healthier life.  She cleaned up her diet, began walking/jogging, and recently even joined the YMCA with my step-dad and started doing cardio there, along with trying out various classes such as yoga and zumba!  Go girl!!  But yeah, basically, I totally love my mom. ❤

I started off my dinner with a house salad minus the feta.

Along with a Neighborhood Punch.

My mom, who is NOT a fan of alcoholic beverages, tasted it and said, “Tastes like alcoholic juice! Not bad!”  Neighborhood Punch for the win!  I do think my liver is starting to hate me though.  Not like college, but still.  Definitely time to take a break from the booze for a bit. 

My entree was the Treehugger Burger minus the cheese, with sweet potato fries.

I ordered the portobello mushroom, instead of a burger patty again, but when I tried it I realized that it was so charred that I couldn’t eat it.  I really hate to be a picky customer, especially since I’m already altering all my orders to be vegan, but I really had to send it back.  Turns out it was the last portobello, but I gladly welcomed the Gardenburger in exchange.  My burger came back and was absolutely delicious.  I was able to save half for later, since I had already devoured all of my fries by the time my burger came back.  They were also kind enough to offer me a free dessert for my inconvenience!  I split my free blackberry cobbler with my grandma, and my mom and step-dad ordered their own to split as well. 

Definitely another wonderful dining experience at Bremerton Bar and Grill.  (I’m also a fan, because it’s Keenan’s first week at work and they’ve already given him about three small pay raises from what he was initially offered him!)

After saying goodbye to my family, I came home to Arlo and caught up on some Family Guy while my food settled, then got my Jillian on.

Before Jillian.

After Jillian.

The frighteningly messy apartment is my next project for the night.

 As usual, I was feeling better about my workout after it was over, rather than before it started.  That’s how it works!  You never regret a workout after it’s over, it’s just about finding the motivation to get going!!!

Time for me to straighten up the apartment, and find some way to entertain myself until my boyfriend gets home from work around 1am!  Gahhh!  this schedule is gonna kill me!!

How do you feel about sending food back at a restaurant?  What is the line between “Oh well, I’ll just deal with it” and “I can’t eat this”?

I’m really usually more of an “I’ll just deal” sort of person, but if there’s something seriously wrong with my food (like a crispy charred portobello) or it it goes against my diet (like if they accidently forgot no cheese), then I’ll send it back as politely as possible.  I hate seeming over nit-picky or high maintenance.

Have a good one!

❤ Lindsay


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