Morning Folks!

This one’s been kind of a strange morning for me.  I woke up wide awake out of a vivid nightmare around 10:30. (Keenan and I stayed up until 2am watching Let Me In last night after he got home.  My nightmare was totally unrelated.)  I almost immediately jumped out of bed and pulled on some running clothes.  I was able to convince Keenan to go with me, and we went for a quick two laps around the park.  We were planning on three or four, but Keenan has some nasty blisters at the moment from new work shoes that decided to act up while we were running. 

We got home and Keenan took a quick shower and headed out of the house for an appointment.  Mid-way through getting ready for work it dawned on me that Keenan wasn’t there to prepare my food for me!  Luckily, I remembered that I had a meal voucher from Employee Appreciation at work.  There’s one meal down.  After that it was simple.  Just pour some soup in a container, and make myself a quick smoothie.

This tropical smoothie is delish.  Into the Vita-Mix went:

1 cup coconut water

1 shake of dulse powder

1 scoop chia seeds

1.5 T plain protein powder

2 handfuls spinach

1 banana

4 fresh strawberries, including green tops

1 handful frozen tropical fruit (pineapple, papaya, mango)

Mix it all together and you have this beauty.

I used plain protein powder instead of my vanilla Sun Warrior so as to keep the tropical flavor the most prominent.  I felt that Sun Warrior might make it too vanilla-y.  I definitely think that it was a good choice, although the dulse powder is still a bit strong.  I don’t think I could ever put more than a teaspooon or two into a smoothie without it being way too overpowering.  However, algae is beneficial enough that I’m willing to make the effort to consume at least a small amount on a regular basis.

After walking to the ferry I realized just how hungry I was from my run, so I used the extra time before the boat left to stop by Taco Del Mar and grab a mondito burrito. (It’s mondito because it’s not quite as mondo and the mondo burrito.)

Honestly, I tore it open as soon as I got on the ferry and devoured it in less than 10 minutes.  I’m lucky I could wait long enough to snap a photo!  In the mix were guacamole, rice, black beans, pico de gallo, and medium salsa.  I would have ordered the whole wheat tortilla, but I didn’t notice that it was available until the guy had already started to make mine.  Next time!

Well, I am off to enjoy a nice afternoon of serving food to hospital patients.  I hope you all enjoy your Wednesday as well!

What’s your favorite protein powder for smoothies?

For me it’s gotta be vanilla Sun Warrior all the way.  I’ve still never tried chocolate protein powder though, so who knows where that would rank!

❤ Lindsay


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