What I Should Have Named My Blog

Hola!   Was today a great day for you too?  I was in a really good mood today, even though nothing particularly awesome happened.  Just one of those pleasant days, I guess. 🙂

Weird story though:  while I was sitting in the ferry terminal with my computer out, reading blogs, some lady came over and sat down right next to me, and then leaned in and started checking out what I was reading.  It was so awkward!  She started asking me some really off the wall questions, like if I was good at making movies, so I’m assuming she was a bit off her rocker.  I felt bad, but I ended up just closing up my computer and pulling out my journal instead.  Luckily, I think she got the hint and walked away.  Am I a horrible person??

Tonight was a really busy night at the hospital, so I am really glad that we have such well scheduled breaks so I know that I’m always going to get my meals on time.  I can’t imagine working somewhere that didn’t allow me to regularly sit down and recharge my batteries (literally, as well as figuratively… my phone always dies like a thousand times faster when it’s in my locker at work!). 

On my first break, I made excellent use of my Employee Appreciation food voucher by purchasing a Dolmala Tibetan-style wrap, green beans, Sun Chips and coconut water.  I saved the chips and drink, but ate the wrap and green beans like it was my business.

The wrap was loaded with potatoes, tomatoes, peas, onions, cauliflower, garlic and cilantro, and it was bomb. 

Theses are locally made in Seattle by Globespun Gourmet, and the hospital cafeteria has quite a variety, including a Thai wrap that I tried a few weeks ago. 

My second meal was some sort of dal that I bought in a package at World Market a few months ago.  I forget exact what it’s called, because the package is at home in my garbage.

It reminded me quite a bit of chili.  Not as spicy as most of  the chilis we make though. 

Now that I am heading home, I am munching on the Sun Chips that I got at work earlier. (I think the coconut water will be saved for a later occasion… I couldn’t say no to free coconut water!!)

Sun Chips are a great healthy snack if you’re in a rush.  They’re made of whole grain corn, wheat, oats and rice, and pack 3g of protein and 4g fiber per little bag.  Not bad for a bag of chips!

Now that we’ve covered the food, on to the fun!  You know, every once in a while I wonder how well my blog name suits me and my actual blog itself now that it’s been going for over three months.  Honestly, I think mine does.  Obviously I do eat a ton of veggies, and they are definitely my favorite part of my diet.  However, I came up with a fun little list of other blog names that could be fitting.

What I Should Have Named My Blog

  • Lindsay Loves Daiya
  • Lindsay Loves Arlo
  • Lindsay Loves Chai
  • Lindsay Loves Microbrews
  • Lindsay Loves Bremerton Bar and Grill (ok, maybe that’s a bit more recent, but still…)
  • Lindsay Loves Mexican Food (or Mexicans: Arlo, Keenan plus the food)
  • Lindsay Loves Parentheses (Duh!)
  • Lindsay Loves Complaining About Public Transportation
  • Lindsay Loves Northwest Scenery…But Hates the Rain That Creates It
  • Lindsay Loves Subway
  • Lindsay Loves Cayenne Pepper
  • Lindsay Loves Running…But Rarely Has the Time or the Motivation

I came up with a few more, but they were Lindsay Hates… titles.  No need to spread the hate in here!  I’m all about spreading the love as much as I can.  🙂 

What would you name my blog? 

What is the name of your blog and why?  Or what would you name a blog if you had one?

Well, I’m gonna chill out for a few minutes until my boat gets me back home.  I hope you have a great night and sleep tight!

❤ Lindsay




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3 responses to “What I Should Have Named My Blog

  1. My vote goes to Lindsay Loves (Parentheses) haha! But I think the one you settled with is still pretty catchy.
    I chose SLO Foodie because it’s simple and has a ring to it, at least to my ears! Also it makes me think of the “slow food” movement embracing fresh and local and nutritious, which is what I’m all about.
    Have a great day!

  2. I haven’t liked Bremerton B&G actually. And I really wanted to but was just disappointed. I’ll stick with Silvercity thankyouverymuch!

    • Silver City is amazing, but my boyfriend just got a job at Bremerton B&G, so I’m kind of a forced fan. Plus I get food brought home to me every night. It kinda rocks. 🙂 Btw, I am totally stoked to have discovered another blogger from Kitsap!

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