Vegan Stereotypes

Hey you!  How are you tonight?  Fabulous, I hope! 🙂

I started out this morning in a bit of a rush, and downed some Tazo green ginger tea with Truvia and a green smoothie in the car on the way to work.  Have you noticed that mornings really aren’t my thing??

When I got to the hospital, I quickly scarfed down a tray of french fries with ketchup.  I was in enough of a hurry that I didn’t bother snapping any pics.

When my first break rolled around, I quickly searched the cafeteria to see what the vegan offering were for the day, and ended up with two hard-shell tacos containing black beans, brown rice, lettuce, pico de gallo and hot chipotle salsa.

By the time I finished the shells, my plate still looked like this.

So, of course, I just shoveled the rest in with a fork.  Can’t miss any of that delicious good-ness!

After answering phones for a couple more hours, I got another break and ate my lovely salad.

Keenan actually surprised me today, by making me a Mexi-salad, in place of my usual.  Not much of a change, but he used salsa in place of salad dressing, and loaded me up with some tortilla chips to munch along side.  Or on top.

It was sooo good.  Props to Keenan for the great idea!

On my last break, I found some brown rice with onions and peppers that looked really yummy.

And it really was yummy!  I didn’t get anything more than that because (1) nothing looked good, and (2) I knew that I’d be munching more at home tonight, as I always do.  I actually usually snack quite a bit at night, even though I almost never post my nighttime snacks.  That could be a fun post one of these days…

Vegan Stereotypes

Ok, so this isn’t some full-blown awesome post on the different sterotypes that vegans receive, but I do have a fun scene to share from the movie Grandma’s Boy, that shows how most of America reacts to veganism.  This clip is R-rated for language, so if some cussing (including an F-bomb) will offend you, please cease and desist!

I hope you enjoyed the clip.  While it may be frustrating that that is how most people tend to view our attempts to live a healthy, peaceful life, it’s still pretty hilarious.  Not to mention, David Spade is toooooo funny!  I love him.  I actually used to watch Just Shoot Me re-runs almost every night on the WB back in high school.  That was some good stuff. 

I hope you all have a lovely night!  I’m off to enjoy the beginning of my weekend!

Have a good one!

❤ Lindsay




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  1. Love the video, love the blog!

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