About Me

My name is Lindsay. Im 24 years old and my number one passion is food and nutrition. I graduated from college in May 2010 with my BS in Nutrition, and have worked for a hospital in Seattle as a nutrition assistant and a diet clerk ever since. The hour ferry ride that I take to work everyday is usually spent reading or browsing blogs, and will now be frequently spent writing my own blog. This also means that I most days of the week I am out of the house for 10-12 hours.

I became a vegan in January of 2011, and am having an amazing time discovering what I can do in the kitchen using only plant-based foods. (Here’s Why I Became a Vegan) I currently live with my boyfriend, Keenan, and our chihuahua, Arlo, in a one-bedroom apartment with an itty-bitty kitchen and next to no counter space. Certainly makes cooking interesting, but we’re dedicated to making our own healthy foods at home (Keenan eats a mostly vegetarian diet).

I hope you enjoy reading about us and our eats, and maybe even learn a thing or 2 along the way! :]


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