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Beach Picnic

This morning Keenan, Arlo, and I woke up and immediately headed out of the house to get some chores out of the way.  We went and paid our rent, then went to Fred Meyer to stock up on some groceries.  Our food supply has been lacking lately, so we spent quite a bit of time at the grocery store finding the essentials.  Let me tell you, we now have an AMAZING fruit collection.  I’m stoked.

Since it was such a gorgeous day, we decided to grab some ready-to-eat food to eat down at the waterfront, picnic style.  I tried a new flavor of kombucha, Guava Goddess.

It was quite good.  Not quite as much bite as the flavor that I usualy get; probably because it doesn’t contain lemon juice.  If you haven’t discovered kombuca yet, I urge you to try it.  It has weird stuff floating in it, but it’s just cultures of good bacteria that will make their home in your gut and keep the bad microbes at bay.  It tastes like fizzy juice, I just wouldn’t recommend taking a direct sniff of the bottle (take it from one who knows!).

The main course of my picnic brunch was some brown rice veggie sushi.

I ate a little over half the container with some soy sauce and ginger.  I hadn’t had sushi since becoming vegan, so it was a nice treat to find some that I could eat!

While I ate my little brunch I sat on the stairs and watched my boys play on the beach.

May I just say that my puppy dog smells significantly like rotting sea life now?? Ew!  Time for a puppy bath!

When we got home, Keenan left for work, and I ate a few berries for some workout fuel.

My workout consisted of a circuit that I borrowed from Julie’s blog, and modified for my fitness level. (She is in wayyyyy better shape than I am!)  Then I went on a three mile run around the park.

Garmin Shot:

Today has definitely been a great day so far, now I’m off to make dinner.  One nice thing about being home alone some evenings is that I get to make dinner without having to worry about anyones tastes but my own! 

❤ Lindsay


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A Good Dog Day

Happy Tuesday!!!

I hope you’re all doing quite well!  I’ve had a pretty good last couple of days. 🙂

Yesterday started out nicely, with a nice little mile-long walk with Arlo down in the park.  The pooch and I woke up before Keenan was ready, so to give him some extra, un-disturbed sleep time, we decided to go stretch our legs.

Arlo took his sweet time to sniff everything in sight.

He even found some smells good enough to roll in!

We were able to enjoy the view of the sunshine on the water.

Once we’d looped around the park I stopped at Samudra Yoga to grab an iced chai with rice milk and some breakfast.

I love that everything that they use at Samudra is eco-friendly!  Plus they have lots of vegan pastry options.  I saved my Apple Breakfast Bar until I got home.

Isn’t my Pocahontas plate sweet??  I also have a Little Mermaid plate that’s similar.

Once Keenan was up and moving, we decided to take Arlo to the dog park.  We didn’t end up staying too long, because the only other dog in the small dog area was very shy and would jump up into his owners lap every time Arlo would try to play with him. 

Got to see this on the way out though.

You know I’m a sucker for a great view!

We stopped and grabbed some Popchips to snack on, before heading out to the field to kick around a soccer ball.

I have next to no experience with soccer, but Keenan was amazing at it when he was younger, so we always have a good time just kicking the ball around with each other, passing and kicking goals.  It’s honestly a great workout too.  You get in plenty of running, plus I can always feel my legs and abs working when I kick the ball.  It also gave the puppy a chance to run around even more. 

At one point, Keenan actually challenged me to race Arlo from one end of the field to the other.  Thankfully, I won.  Barely.  That little dude can sprint!

By the time we got home I was starving.  I grabbed the leftover half of the Mediterranean wrap that Keenan had brought me home from work the night before out of the fridge and practically inhaled it.

Hummus, tomato, lettuce, red onion, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, cucumbers, and who knows what else.  I am so spoiled now that Keenan is working at such a  nice restaurant!

Once we got home, we shared some Coors Lights and veg-ed out for the rest of the night watching movies.

Obviously I took this picture part way into the beer.  Otherwise my blue cold sensing stripes would be showing.  Can’t have a warm beer!

Today, we got up and ran some errands with my daddy.  Since I didn’t get breakfast beforehand, I convinced him to buy me a chai at Starbucks while he was filling his truck up with gas nextdoor.  I am way too obsessed with chai.

When we got home from that, Keenan and I immediately left again to go buy him some new socks, t-shirts, and work pants at Wal-Mart.  On our way home we decided to grab subs from Kate’s Jersey Subs.  I got the Veggie MOP Hoagie.

It includes veggie patty, sauteed mushrooms, onions and peppers, plus fresh tomato, lettuce and onion.  Totally delicious.  And so big that I’ve only eaten half so far.  I have a strong suspicion that the other half will be disappearing pretty soon now.  I don’t want to wait so long that it will ruin my appetite for dinner!  My mom and step-dad are picking me up at 5:30 to go have dinner at Keenan’s restaurant for my mom’s birthday.  Happy Early Birthday, Mom!!!  I love you!!!

I’d actually better get going so I can get all cuted up for dinner!  Have a fantastic night!

❤ Lindsay

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Mountain Love

I may have stayed up slightly past my bedtime last night, but I guess God decided I needed a little extra sleep last night, because my phone died during the night (okay, my bad, I forgot to plug it in) and my alarm didn’t go off!

Instead of waking up at 8am to have a nice morning to get ready for work, I woke up at 9:28, woke up Keenan, and started running around frantically.  The ferry I should have taken leaves at 9:45, and I usually leave the house at 9:30.  Obviously that wasn’t going to happen, so we decided to make the drive around, which gave me a few extra minutes to change, brush my teeth and touch up yesterdays makeup that I didn’t wash off before bed last night.

I grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl and took off.

We ran down to the yoga studio to grab a chai and see what vegan treats they had for the day.

After I took the picture of my “chai”, I took a sip and realized that something was wrong… she gave me a latte!  I was pretty sure that she had at least gotten the soy part of the order right, since she had asked me whether I wanted plain or vanilla soy, but this was definitely not the spicy deliciousness I was hoping for.  Since I was in a hurry, and didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, I decided to just drink the latte and let it be.  No drama.

I also got an energy bar, which was really good.  Lots of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.

After the breakfast stop, we got on the freeway.

I had my favorite road trip buddy in his usual spot on my lap.

After a while he woke up from his nap to share my apple with me.

Sleepy face!

This dog loves apples!  It’s crazy!  Most of the time I actually just bite off little bits of apples and give them to him.  Almost makes me feel like a mama bird, but slightly less disgusting. (Only slightly.)

The view driving through Tacoma was pretty spectacular.

In Tacoma, we jumped onto I-5 to head back up to Seattle.

Problem with living on a peninsula is that you have to drive all the way down to the closest bridge, which connects us to Tacoma, which is still a half hour drive from Seattle.  Missing the ferry is no small deal.  It takes about half a tank of gas to get to Seattle and back, not to mention the $4 toll at the bridge. Boo. 😦

Driving past Boeing, we got a great view of the other set of mountains, the Olympics.

I must say, I definitely chose a great day to miss the ferry.  It was gorgeous, so getting to enjoy some different scenery was a major treat.

Soon, we caught sight of the city.

I love sky line shots.  And Seattle.

The two large buildings in the foreground are Safeco Field, where the Mariners play, and Qwest Field, where the Seahawks and the Sounders play.  I also went to see Kenny Chesney and the rest of the group touring with him back in like 2006.  It was awesome.  Any other country music lovers out there?

I made it safely to work right on time.  Thank goodness I didn’t wake up any later than I did!

Work Food

In my rush, obviously, I didn’t have a chance to grab any food for my meals at work, so I had to do some sleuthing in the hospital cafeteria.

On my first break, I decided to mow down on these crunchy tacos.

With black beans, brown rice, lettuce and fresh pico de gallo, they were even reasonably healthy!  Win!

My second break, I grabbed some sauteed chard and veggies from the line.

No offense to my wonderful co-workers, but this was awful.  It had been sitting out for too long, and just wasn’t palatable.  I gave up after a few bites, and moved on to the Thai burrito that I bought to go along with it.

The ingredients were great, and so was the taste.  It was quite peanut-y, and every once in a while I would get a bite that was nice and ginger-y. Yum!  It was also quite filling.  And check out the nutrition info!

Notice the 19g protein and 39% iron!  That certainly won me over! 🙂

My final at-work meal was a big bowl of the vegan chili.

This was so spicy that I was almost sweating by the time I finished it.  It was sooo good, and veggie packed.  I heart chili.

I finished up work, and took the bus down to the ferry, as always.  The sunset was breath-taking, so I figured I’d show it off to you guys a bit.

I must mention, that any pictures that I post of any of the mountains in the area are nothing compared to the real-life view.  Sometimes it feels like you can reach out and touch the peaks.  I will say it again, I love living in the northwest.

And another sky line shot, just for good measure. 🙂

I picked up an extra shift tomorrow afternoon, so I’m going home to get my sleep on.

Have a good night and good eats!

❤ Lindsay

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Make-Shift Dijon Dressing

What do you do when you go to prepare lunch and realize that there is absolutely no salad dressing in the house?

Make something besides salad?  No way.  You should know me better than this.  Obviously my big ol’ salad is my staple work lunch, but today I awoke to find my cherished Annie’s Goddess dressing bottle empty.  With no time to really come up with a new lunch option, I decided to get creative.

Into the dressing cap went a big squirt of dijon mustard and some canola oil.  Of course, my boyfriend, the chef, stepped in and told me to add some sesame oil.  He’s so smart!  I absolutely adore sesame oil, and on salads it can really add to the flavor, so I’m definitely glad he talked me into that one.

When lunch-time came around,  I had a text from Keenan asking me how my salad had turned out. (Smart AND thoughtful! I think this one’s a keeper! ;))  I quickly mixed the dressing with the veggies, and gave it a try.

My response, “Not bad! If I did it again I’d add agave or honey to it though.”

At that moment, the light bulb went on.  Duhhhh!  I’m in a cafeteria!  I quickly ran across the room and came back with one of these babies.

I added almost the entire honey packet to my salad, re-tossed it, then re-sampled.  Perfect!

I would give you a recipe, but since I don’t use any exact amounts it would be pointless.  However, if you’re ever in a rush and need a quick and tasty dressing, just combine dijon mustard, canola oil, sesame oil, and honey, and you’re set!

My other eats for the day included leftover spaghetti marinara from last night, and a vegan quesadilla.

I was really excited to share the quesadilla with you, especially with it being Cinco de Mayo and all, but as soon as I sat down to eat, one of my coworkers came over and sat next to me to chat and eat.  Although a few of my coworkers have seen me reading food blogs in the office, and I’ve even told some that I have my own food blog, I’m still not ready to pose and photograph food while they’re watching me.

To sum it up though, just put some Daiya cheddar and mozzarella on a tortilla, along with some Tapatio hot sauce that I borrowed from the hospital cafeteria, folded the tortilla in half, and microwaved for 45 seconds.  It was everything I hoped it would be, and I am totally bummed that I couldn’t share it with you visually.  Guess you’re just gonna have to go try it, huh? 🙂

To make up for the missing Mexican food pictures, how about I post some Mexican dog pictures?  Seems like a good plan to me!  I am always down for any opportunity to exploit my dog’s cuteness.

This is the puppy-gasm face that Arlo makes whenever Keenan scratches his neck.  He just melts.

Another example of the puppy-gasm face.

Arlo also likes to chew on our fingers.  This earns him puppy-spankings, but it never stops him.

"I'm sowwy for nibbling your fingers, they just taste so nummy!"

It’s ok, Arlo, you’re too cute to hold a grudge against.

I guess at that point he was ready for bed.  Right between mommy and daddy, his favorite spot.

I think it’s nuts that my dog can curl up into a ball and practically fit in my hand.  Yeah.  That’s my tiny hand.  Not some giant man hand.  I guess his personality makes him seem a bit more Great Dane-esque.

Well, I believe the decision has been reached that I will be going out for “Cinco de Drinko”.  I don’t think I ever really had much choice in the matter.  If you’re lucky maybe I’ll send some fun tweets later on. 🙂

What did you do for Cinco de Mayo???

Whatever it was, I hope you had a blast doing it! 🙂

❤ Lindsay

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Arlo is The Man

Happy May Day, Everyone!  Can you believe how fast the year is racing by??? I know I can’t!

Here’s another self-shot to get the day started! 😛

Obviously, I’m on my way to work.  Enjoying the usual green smoothie.

^^^^^^Check out the sunglasses! ^^^^^^ Yes, they are actually necessary today! Yay, sunshine!!!

Last night, when I got home from work, I was greeted by this monster!

A veggie sub from Kate’s Jersey Subs, a small sandwich shop near our house, loaded with all sorts of delicious veggies.  It was amazing.  I devoured it like it was no one’s business.

This was followed up by lots of chips and salsa while we watched Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story.  I’ve never seen it before, and despite being a comedic knock-off of Walk the Line, about Johnny Cash, it was actually really funny!  I honestly didn’t think I’d like it, because I have a lot of respect for Johnny Cash, but I think, for a spoof, it was really well done.  John C. Reilly is great.

During the movie, Keenan and I were also entertained by Arlo’s antics.  He gets a little crazy at night, and last night was no exception.

"Don't tell anyone, but my ears actually enable me to fly!"

"I am The Man!"

His sock monkey never knew what hit him.

"3.5 lbs, what?? I will destroy you!"

"See how tough I am!"

I am pretty obsessed with my dog.  He’s definitely an adventure!

What kind of pet do you have?  What kind of hilarious/awesome stuff do they do?

Have a good one!

❤ Lindsay

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