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Water is Your Friend

Happy Friday!

I am headed into work, on what should have been my day off, because I picked up a few hours this afternoon.  Luckily, I’ll be home by 6:30, so I’ll have a chance to enjoy some of this beautiful, warm day we’re having today.  Today is officially the first day that it’s been warm enough that I didn’t bring a jacket to work with me!

I woke up this morning with a headache, and immediately knew that I was dehydrated.  I haven’t been carrying my trusty water bottle with me as much recently, and I think that it has actually made an impact on my hydration.  Besides that, I have also been drinking quite a bit more soda, energy drinks, and chai/coffee lately.  All of those can cause your body to lose water.  No bueno.

So,  now I’m on the boat, guzzling water out of my Kleen Kanteen, and I figured I’d give you a few facts on hydration for your everyday life!

  • Your body is made up of 75% water.  Your brain is 80%.  Your blood is 92%.
  • Water helps to regulate your body temperature.
  • Water carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body.
  • Dehydration can reduce concentration, and cause irritability and headaches.
  • Drinking water can help you lose weight.
  • Water helps convert food to energy.
  • You should drink about half your body weight in lbs, in ozs of water.
  • Caffeinated drinks and alcohol will actually pull water out of your body, rather than hydrate you.
  • Hangovers are mostly caused by severe dehydration.
  • Drink water before bed, and when you wake up, since you still lose water in your sleep.
  • Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water, by then you’re already dehydrated.
  • Drink more water if you are exercising, or spending time in the heat.
  • If you are sweating quite a bit, consider hydrating with coconut water or Gatorade-type drinks, to keep your electrolytes up.  Electrolytes are minerals, like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which are located in your cells.  Some are inside your cells, and some are outside.  If the balance is off, water is sucked out of your cells, and can cause problems like low blood pressure and fainting.
  • You should drink extra water when traveling, especially by airplane.
  • It is usually recommended to drink small amounts of water throughout the day, rather than a large amount all at once, to give the body adequate time to absorb it.
  • Eating fresh fruits and vegetables provides you with some amount of water, which can be counted toward your daily total.  Fluid-like foods, such as soups and smoothies, also count.
  • If you don’t like water, add lemon, mint, cucumber, berries, or other fruit to it.  Or drink decaffeinated tea.

Obviously water is pretty darn important.  Drink it for your health and vitality.  🙂

Have a great day, folks!

What are your best tips for keeping hydrated?

❤ Lindsay


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A Chai Story

Morning sunshine!

It’s another beautiful sunny day here!  All you people who don’t have to go to work on this gorgeous Saturday are some lucky ducks!

As usual, I’m enjoying a liquid breakfast of H2O, green smoothie and Starbucks grande soy chai.

Have I told you how much I love chai??

It’s not just Starbucks chai, either.  I’ll take one anywhere, anytime.

I had my first chai when I was 16 years old.  I was attending the local community college via the Running Start program, and one of my classmates asked me to try his one day.  I had heard of it… they served it at the coffee stand at the student center at the college… but it kind of intimidated me a bit, since it was nothing like I had ever tried before.  After all, I was a die hard fan of caramel macchiatos, and don’t you dare try to take them from me.  However, I went along with my classmate and tried a sip of this strange chai tea stuff.  It was amazing.  It tasted like Christmas.  And so, a love was born.

Three years later, on summer vacation from university, I was hired at a chai stand at our local mall.  A chai stand?  Yeah, a chai stand.  It’s like a coffee stand, but instead, specializes in chai tea.  We had vanilla chai, chocolate chai, traditional spice chai, and tons of flavors to mix in to make a wild array of chai flavors.  My favorite was always a traditional spice chai with half the standard amount of sugar free caramel with soy.  It was so creamy and amazing, I can even imagine it sitting here now. 

Even before I was a vegan I have always enjoyed chai with soy milk, rather than cow’s milk.  Maybe it’s just the vanilla flavor, but I think that the sweetness of the soy milk adds to the flavor of the chai.  Even if you drink cow’s milk on a regular basis, I highly recommend trying a chai with soy.

So what’s so awesome about chai tea, you might ask?

  • It’s a black tea, which means that it is high in antioxidants.
  • The spices (cinnamon, ginger, cloves, black pepper, and fennel) in chai can help aid and support digestion.
  • Chai can be anti-inflammatory, mostly because of the ginger.  Can help relieve arthritis.
  • Contains less caffeine than coffee.
  • Chai is often used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, although in these cases the specific blend would be tailored to the individual.

I almost exclusively drink tea, instead of coffee, because coffee has such an acidic effect on your body.  Acidity in your body makes it a toxic environment, that is more inviting for disease and ailments.  To learn more about acid/base balance in the body, I highly recommend reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr.  This book changed my life, and is actually what really convinced me, ultimately, to become vegan. 

Anywho… get outside and enjoy this amazing Saturday for me, maybe even with an iced chai!  I’m gonna get my booty to the office now, so I’ll ttyl!

What’s your favorite kind of tea?

When did you try chai for the first time?

❤ Lindsay


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How to Start on Your Path to Health Part Four

Happy Weekend!!!  Anyone have any fantastic plans for this one?  I’m on my way to Seattle for work.  You know, the usual.

Current consuming a lovely green smoothie in a jar.

My favorite Pink water bottle died a couple weeks ago, so jars have taken it’s place.  Jars are BPA-free anyway.


My smoothies have been a little different lately, because on our last trip to Costco, we bought a bag of frozen mixed tropical fruit, instead of our usual frozen strawberries.  The mix contains mango, pineapple, and papaya, as well as, strawberries.  The change of fruit is a great flavor change, in addition to creating a different nutrient profile for my smoothie.  Gotta change it up!

How to Start on Your Path to Health Part Four

I can’t believe it’s already the fourth week of this installment!!  How did you all do with your goals from last week?  Did you get a chance to go to the grocery store and get some label-reading in?  I’m sure you were awesome, as always. 🙂

Here are the links for weeks one through three, if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet:

This week is going to be pretty much the same as last week, continue to work on your goal, or if you have completed that goal, then set yourself a new one using the guidelines from Part Two.  Isn’t it amazing how much you can accomplish when you begin setting goals for yourself?  Even small achievements can add up to something completely awesome.

This week, my personal goal for you is to begin being mindful.  This is something that I am trying to work on, myself, and I believe that it can bring happiness and joy to your life in ways that you didn’t realize you could.

Bring mindful means living in the current moment.  Instead of dwelling upon what’s ahead, worrying about things that are out of your control, or living in the past, attempt to focus on what is happening right now.  You have the ability to alter your way of thinking and change your moods.  Just by changing how you look at something, you can make it less of a bad thing.

Are you annoyed with the screaming baby that’s imparing your ability to focus?  Think about the unfortunate mother who is probably frustrated that she can’t get her baby to stop crying.  Maybe the baby has a cold, or a tummy ache, maybe it’s teething.  You never know what the real situation is.  When you begin to get upset, just take a moment to think about the situation from a different point of view.

Are you irritated because you’re headed to work on a gorgeous Saturday?  (Wonder who I could be talking about here?? *cough cough*)  Take the time before you get there to enjoy the sunshine, notice how beautiful all of your surroundings are.  Use your senses and enjoy the time that you do get to spend, instead of continuing to think about how disappointed you are that you don’t get to enjoy freedom in the sun for the rest of the day.

Meditation is one of the main methods that can be used to practice mindfulness.  It isn’t something I have dabbled in too much yet, but it’s definitely something I’m interested in exploring further.  I have tried it a few times, usually for about five minutes at a time, and I do believe that it could have a positive impact on my life.  By sitting still and focusing on your breath, you are practicing being in the moment.  When ever something happens that is out of your control, just take a moment to focus on your breath, and be in the here and now.

Yoga is another practice of mindfulness.  In the same way as meditation, yoga forces you to focus on your breath and to be in the moment, concentrating on holding your poses, rather than thinking about outside forces.  Yoga is not only a wonderful practice for you strength and flexibility, but also for your mind.

I hope you give mindfulness a shot.  I’ve just begun being mindful of being mindful, and I already feel happier and more relaxed.

What are your weekend plans?

What goal(s) are you working on? What goals have you achieved?

What do you think about mindfulness?

❤ Lindsay

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How to Start on Your Path to Health Part Three

Did you all do something Earth-friendly yesterday?

I decided to go pick up trash in the park near my home.

Arlo and the bf helped.

Of course we took time to stop and smell the flowers.

After our trash collecting adventure, we watched the Boston vs. New York NBA playoff game, and I enjoyed a Blue Moon Spring Blonde Wheat Ale or two.  The Celtics smashed. Or course. 🙂  (I’m rooting for Miami, but the bf is pulling for Boston.  We’d love to see a Celtics vs. Heat round 2!)

After the game, we went home and I cooked up dinner.  Quinoa, zucchini and Mama Pea’s Mmmm Sauce.  Simple, but delicious.

The curry flavor of the sauce really stood out to me, in a good way.  I’m having leftovers for dinner tonight. 🙂

How to Start on Your Path to Health Part Three

Congratulations! You have been working hard for the last two weeks to establish healthy habits in your life that will lead to a better, more energetic future!  How are you doing on your goals from last week?

If you missed the first two parts of my How to Start on Your Path to Health series you can find them here:

This week is simple.  If the time limit of your goal has not yet been reached, then continue working on that goal, plus add another goal.  Refer to Part Two to learn to how to set the best goals for you.  If your goal was just for the week, and is now complete, then come up with a new health-related goal to work on for the next week.  You can also build on the goal that you accomplished this past week.

My task for you this week is reading labels!  No, I don’t mean the calorie, fat or carb contents.  Percentages aren’t what makes a food.  Instead, I want you to break these old habits and just start reading the ingredients in what you’re purchasing.

When you take the time to find out what’s in your food, I bet you’ll be really surprised at all the nasty stuff you’re putting in your body everyday.  All the preservatives and dyes at the end of the list, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and enriched wheat flour at the beginning of the list.  When you see these, I challenge you to put them down and find another product with a shorter, better ingredient list.  They may cost a little bit more, but this is your health we’re talking about here.  Those extra dollars you’re spending now could keep you from spending many more dollars for medical treatment in the years to come.

Not only will your body thank you, but your taste buds will as well.  When you finally get used to not having HFCS and other bleached, overly processed ingredients in your diet, you will realize how much better REAL food tastes!  All the complexities of the flavors of healthy, organic foods will be realized.

Give it a try and let me know what your thoughts are throughout the next week!

Did you accomplish your goal from last week?  If not, what do you think was your biggest barrier?

What will you be doing this week to improve your health??

❤ Lindsay


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How to Start on Your Path to Health Part Two

Good morning, my beauties! 🙂

I hope you’re all doing wonderfully.  I’m currently chugging back a soy chai from Starbucks, trying to wake myself up.  Although I went to bed at midnight last night, as usual, my body decided that it didn’t want to sleep past 5am.  I laid in bed for the next three hours tossing and turning.  It sucked, and I am tiiiired.  I guess I really can’t complain that much, because the bf was up sick all night.  Luckily, he gets to go home and take a nap now that I’m off to work.

Last night on my way home from work, I was browsing through blogs and found that Elise had been munching on some Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Julienne Fries with Chipotle Seasoning.  Since I had the exact same fries sitting in my freezer, I immediately decided that those just HAD to be my snack when I got home.  Easy clean-up trick: lay down a sheet of aluminum foil on your baking sheet.  No scrubbing necessary, just wad it in a ball and toss in the recycling.

I enjoy my sweet potato fries with BBQ sauce.  I have Stubb’s Smokey Mesquite.  AKA the only BBQ sauce at the grocery store without High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Oh yeah, be jealous.

Btw, I made enough for Keenan and I to share, but then he started feeling sick, so I did us both a favor and ate the whole batch.  No regrets.  The flavor is to die for.  Just the perfect amount of spice. 🙂

How to Start on Your Path to Health Part Two

Last week, I discussed how to begin down the road to a healthier lifestyle by beginning to add and substitute healthier items into your current diet.

Now that you’ve had a chance to start playing around with new foods, this week I would like you to set a simple goal for yourself.  Something along the lines of “no soda this week”, “eat meat with only one meal a day”, “eliminate beef for the week”, or “exercise three times this week”.  Whatever goal you feel is most important to you right now.

You goal should be specific.  “Eat more healthily” is not specific.  It’s a great idea, but with a goal so broad, how do you know what it is that you’re actually trying to accomplish?

Your goal should also be measurable.  Again with the same example, how would you know that you have completed your goal?  Something like “eat sweets only on Saturday” is easily measurable, because either you abstained for sweets for six days of the week or you didn’t.  There is no middle ground.

Your personal goal should be attainable and realistic.  Don’t set a goal for yourself that you know won’t be possible for you to accomplish.  If your idea of exercise is losing the remote and having to walk over to the television to change the channel, then don’t make a goal to run everyday for the next week.  Start small.  You can always set bigger goals once you meet your first one.

Your goal should also be timely.  There should be a time frame within which your goal is set.  An ending date will give your goal a sense of urgency.  Otherwise, your goal can just happen “whenever”.  The time constraint for your goal will be this week.

Now that you have planned out your goal, get into action!  Share your goal with others who will be supportive, including me!  Once you tell people that you’re planning to do something, it can help you stick with it more easily since people are watching.

Starting small with one goal may be frustrating in a world where quick-fixes are what is popular, but have you ever noticed how those quick-fixes never seem to work?  There are hundreds of diet books out there, because none of them truly get permanent behavior change involved.  Building up to something bigger, using the steps of small goals, will be the easiest, most permanent way to make a healthy lifestyle yours for the rest of your awesome life.  I mean, come on, you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste when you gain back the 20 lbs that you lost by starving yourself, plus an extra 10 lbs on top of it.  No fun!

Making healthy changes can help you to lose weight, feel better, and be a healthier, happier you for the rest of your life!  🙂

What goal are you setting for the week?  How do you plan to implement it in your life??

❤ Lindsay


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How to Start on Your Path to Health Part One {and Amazeballz!}

Hey everyone!

Sorry I missed blogging yesterday! Since I had the day off, I was out and about all day long!  I had a great time though.  I ran some errands with the bf and Arlo, including a visit to the vet where the pup got his rabies shot.  I was so so mad at us for making him go through that, so we had to promise him a trip to the park afterward.  We finally bought Arlo a leash too.  He may have been happy about going for a nice long walk at the park, but he was totally PO-ed that we made him use the leash.   Arlo did make a new friend who is a chihuahua mix a bit larger than himself.  He always loves meeting new dogs.

We also went to a barbecue last night at the bf’s friend’s house, where we enjoyed some black bean burgers on whole wheat buns with mustard and lettuce.  (I forgot tomato!)  They were absolutely amazing as always.  We also brought a salad to share, which was enjoyed by everyone.  I even brought my Annie’s Goddess dressing with me, and quite a few people tried it and really enjoyed it!  Our friend, John, the bbq host, also tried one of our black bean burgers and said that he thinks he might have to go buy some for himself!  I love introducing people to delicious, healthy, vegan food!

Something else has also changed in my life since the last time I posted.  I finally tried the Fitnessista’s amazeballz!   All I could say was, “Ohhhhh myyyyyyy Gooooooddddddd!”  They are absolutely, well, amazeballz!  I was super scared that they weren’t going to turn out well, because we only have plain protein powder in the house right now, instead of vanilla, but they really were fantastic.


  • 2T protein powder
  • 2T shredded coconut (I used sweetened, instead of the unsweetened that the recipe calls for, because it was what I had on hand from a while back.)
  • 2T almond butter
  • 1T honey (The recipe calls for pure maple syrup, but I didn’t have any.  I know some people will argue that honey isn’t vegan, but I am not that nitpicky.  It isn’t a high cholesterol product and it isn’t a direct animal product.)
  • 1/2t pure vanilla extract
  • 2T cacao nibs
  • pinch of cinnamon and sea salt

The original recipe calls for it to be mixed in the food processor, but to save dishes, I mixed it with a spoon until it had a consistent texture.  Then, I just rolled the mixture into 2 balls and devoured them. We are lucky that there are actually pictures to show of the beaut’s.

Amazeballz are definitely going to be a regular part of my diet.

How to Start on Your Path to Health

I know tons of people who have the desire to begin leading a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to begin.  I have decided to do a series of posts, designed to help make heading in that direction a bit easier.

Today I will cover Beginning to Add Healthier Elements to Your Diet. So many diets focus on eliminating items from your diet, whether it be carbs, fat, calories, and whatever the craze of the year may be.  I prefer to begin any lifestyle change by ADDING and SUBSTITUTING instead of eliminating.

One excellent place to start is with beverages. You know that soda and high fructose corn syrup are bad for you, so why do you continue to drink them??? You can get caffeine from coffee or tea, which both contain antioxidants, and very few calories.  You can get your sweet fix from fruit, or stevia, or agave syrup (both now available in most local grocery stores).  A big change I made in the beginning of trying to live more healthily, and trying to save some money, was taking a mug of tea or coffee from home, instead of buying a sugary, expensive latte everyday.  It also helps out the environment, since you aren’t using a disposable cup every morning.  I’m a huge tea fan, since there are so many different types and flavors to try out.  Lately, I’ve been sweetening most of my tea with Truvia, a brand of stevia sweetener.  I’m also a huge fan of green tea with a wedge of lemon squeezed in. 🙂

I can never emphasize enough how much better you will feel all the time if you add extra fruits and veggies to your diet.  Drink a green smoothie for breakfast.  Make a veggie-based dish from a good cookbook.  Try eating salads for lunch or dinner.  Try different ways of cooking veggies, like steaming, roasting or stir-frying.  You should try to make at least half of each meals out of veggies.  This will also save you on calories, if that’s a concern for you, since veggies have less calorically dense than other foods.

An important group of foods to begin exploring is plant-based sources of protein.  It seems that everyone is always concerned about getting enough protein if they eat less or no meat.  Beans, legumes, and soy products tend to be some of the more popular meat replacements.  I’m a huge fan of vegan soups and chilis, which you can find at the grocery store, or make at home.  I always have a box of Amy’s soups from Costco in my pantry, so I can grab one if need be.  I also keep cans of black beans, kidney beans and garbanzo beans around at all times, because they get used so often.  I also keep dry lentils around, because they cook quickly compared to most beans, and are great in soups, chilis and may other dishes.

There are lots of soy meat-replacements, but I tend to avoid those, since they are so processed.  However, they can be great for transitioning away from a meat-heavy diet.  Tofu and tempeh are two popular soy-based choices, and can be adapted to fit many different recipes and flavors.  A good vegan cookbooks can give you some excellent ideas for preparing meals with tofu and tempeh.

While you’re trying out the meat replacements, go ahead and try out some dairy replacements.  There are tons of dairy-free milks to choose from, including soy, rice, almond, and coconut.  I tend to rely most of almond milk, however, because I enjoy the taste and texture.  I also enjoy rice milk, and you can actually buy a case of Rice Dream at Costco.  I haven’t had a chance to try coconut milk yet, so I can’t give my opinion on that one.

Also, the best vegan cheese you will ever try is Daiya, which comes in cheddar and mozzarella flavors.  They also have a new pepper jack flavor coming out soon that I am especially stoked to try out on nachos and quesadillas.  I currently use the cheddar frequently for nachos, and I’ve heard that it even makes good grilled cheese sandwiches, but I have yet to attempt those.  The mozzarella is great for pizza.  You can find Daiya cheese at health food stores, and I’ve also been able to find it at Fred Meyer grocery stores.

Grains are an important part of a healthy diet.  Many American’s only eat white bread, white rice and white pasta.  This is terrible for you, and, in my opinion, so tasteless!  There are so many more exciting grains out there that you can use!  When buying bread, WHOLE wheat flour should be the first ingredient listed on the package.  You should also look for brown rice and whole grain pasta.  Other fun grains are quinoa (which is a complete protein), buckwheat, wild rice, millet, and amaranth.  You can use these like you would use rice in a dish, to switch up your nutrient profile and food experience.

For the ice cream lover out there, you also have many options that don’t force you to give up that sweet, cold, creamy deliciousness.  One of my new favorite products is Larry and Luna’s Coconut Bliss ice cream.  Especially their dark chocolate ice cream bars.  They are soooo creamy you completely forget you aren’t eating the real thing, and the flavor is to die for.  You can also find many sorbet flavors that contain no dairy.  I’m a huge fan of mango sorbet.  Banana soft serve is another option that has become a craze throughout the blog world.  It’s basically just frozen bananas thrown in the food processor and processed until smooth and creamy.  You can also add other fruit or chocolate to change the flavor, but plain banana is also great. Choosing Raw has a great post on making banana soft serve.

I hope this guide helps you begin your journey towards health!  And that it helps you to explore new foods that you might never have tried otherwise!  The point right now is to begin trying new things before you have to go out on a limb and get rid of old things.  Try this for the next week, maybe trying one new item each day.  Maybe add a green smoothie in one morning, a vegan version of one of your favorite recipes on another.  Try making a taco salad with black beans instead of meat.  There are so many different foods to try that your possibilities are endless.

By the way, I got my butt outside to go running again this morning!  I wrote a few days ago that I was having trouble with motivation, but I set my alarm an hour early this morning, laced up my running shoes and did a quick, easy 2.5 miles across the bridges by my house.  It felt amazing, of course.  It may not have been much, but it was something, and any purposeful sweating is a good thing in my book.

I hope you all have a great Saturday night, and I will see you in the morning!

❤ Lindsay


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Taste the Rainbow

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all doing fantastic today!

Sorry for the blur.  The ferry’s kind of shaky. :]

Today, I would like to cover the importance of getting a full range of colors in your diet. (No, food dyes do NOT count as color!!!!) This was actually the theme for the American Dietetic Association’s National Nutrition Month, which occurs every March.  I know it’s a bit late, but it’s a topic that is still very important nonetheless.  A lot of people seem to think that as long as they’re eating something green everyday that they must be eating healthily.  While some green is better than nothing, it isn’t optimal if you’re trying to thrive on a whole foods diet.


Foods are most commonly colored red because they contain large amounts of chemicals such as lycopene, ellagic acid, quercetin or hesperidin.  Lycopene is important because it has been shown to decrease the risk and the growth of prostate cancer, as well as other cancers.  Ellagic acid can help reduce blood pressure, and also might aid with the treatment of prostate cancer.  Quercetin has anti-inflammatory properties, and has also been shown to help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and work as an antioxidant.  Hesperidin helps to reduce both cholesterol and blood pressure.

Awesome red foods: tomatoes (especially cooked), red apples, watermelon, strawberries, beets, cranberries, cherries, red onions, red potatoes, radishes, blood oranges, rhubarb, pomegranates, guava, and raspberries.


Beta-carotene is the chemical responsible for orange and yellow foods.  Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body, which is used to keep the linings of your organs in tact.  In third world countries, blindness is often common because beta-cartene/vitamin A isn’t available in the diet to help maintain the lining of the eyes.  Beta-carotene can also help reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer. 

Awesome orange/yellow foods: squash, cantaloupe, grapefruit, orange, mango, papaya, yellow peppers, bananas, peaches, apricots, lemons carrots, sweet potatoes, corn, and pineapple.


Chlorophyll is the plant equivalent of blood.  It is also the plants mechanism for capturing sunlight and converting it to energy.  Chlorophyll can help detoxify your liver and blood, improves your vascular system, reduces body odor and bad breath, reduces the risk of cancer, and is an excellent source of magnesium.

Awesome green foods: spinach, Swiss chard, kale, broccoli, asparagus, green peppers, Brussels sprouts, green beans, peas, artichokes, kiwi, pears, green apples, and collard greens.


A blue or purple color in a food is usually cause by flavonoids.   Flavonoids are the most potent of all phytochemicals.  They can aid your vascular health and lower your risk of heart disease, can help with motor functions, can help fight cancer, and can prevent infection.

Awesome blue/purple foods: blueberries, blackberries, purple grapes, plums, eggplants, purple potatoes, and purple cabbage.


White foods often contain allicin, which is a form of sulfur.  This chemical has huge benefits for your cardiovascular system, including reducing fat deposits in your arteries, balancing your cholesterol levels, and has anti-thrombotic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  These can also help you fight colds by boosting your immune system.

Awesome white foods: mushrooms, onions, shallots, parsnips, bananas, cauliflower, ginger, garlic, jicama, white corn, potatoes and kohlrabi.

You should attempt to get some of each color into your diet everyday.  Not only will it make your plate more appealing, but it will also make sure that you are varying your fruits and veggies, and getting a good balance of nutrients.  It drives me crazy that the Standard American Diet seems to think of veggies as a side dish.  I like to let the veggies make the meal.  You will get the benefits of the crazy awesome densely packed nutrients in your meal, and it will also be lower calorie because of the higher fiber and lower fat content.  Now that’s something to get happy about!

Well, I’m off to work again! I hope you all have a great day! :]

What’s your favorite way to vary your veggies?


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