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Huge Announcement!

Hey guys!!  I have a huge important change to announce for the Lindsay Loves Veggies blog!  As of today, I will be blogging at a brand new location, because we have officially become!!!!  Please click on the link to go check it out, and leave a comment so I know that everything is working correctly!  Also, don’t forget to update your Google Readers and all that jazz!

I decided to host through Go Daddy, and so far I would definitely recommend them.  It was super easy to transfer my blog, and they actually have a WordPress tool, so that everything is almost exactly the same on my side!

Have a great night!  New posts should start coming through on the new address later this evening.

Thanks for all your wonderful support!

❤ Lindsay



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HIIT and Breakfast

Good afternoon! 

 It’s an absolutely gorgeous day up here in Washington!  I hope you all are enjoying some beautiful weather as well!

I woke up this morning determined to run.  I immediately hopped out of bed, threw on some workout clothes and headed for the door.  According to my workout plan, today was supposed to be an HIIT day.   HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training.  It basically entails alternating between pushing yourself as hard as you can, and jogging, allowing your heart rate to recover.  The purpose is to reach your maximum heart rate at a few different points throughout your workout, thus making you work harder and boosting your performance in the long run.  HIIT workouts also tend to be shorter than normal training runs, because the intensity is so much higher.

This was my first time attempting HIIT without a treadmill, so I was a bit wary at first, but it actually went quite well.  I warmed up by jogging for five minutes, then began intervals of 30 seconds of full out sprinting followed by 90 seconds of jogging, for about 20 minutes, followed by another few minutes of jogging (I wanted to get to a round mileage point!). 

Garmin Stats:

I walked home, downed a huge glass of water, and jumped in the shower to get ready for work. 

Once I was dressed, I ate some Barbara’s cinnamon Puffins cereal with almond milk.

Now, I am sitting on the ferry on my way to work, sipping on a delicious green smoothie that my amazing boyfriend made for me.

Pretty sure this one has almond milk, spinach, a couple bananas, an orange, and frozen strawberries and blueberries.  Pretty fruity!

The rest of my day/weekend is going to be spent at the hospital delivering food trays to patients, but I do have a fun recipe to share with you later tonight, so be sure to check back!

❤ Lindsay

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Good evening!

Depsite yet another night with less than five hours of sleep, I actually had a pretty chill day.  I wasn’t even that tired, although I think it’s finally starting to hit me.

This morning, I purposely slept in and let myself make the hour and a half drive over to Seattle, instead of waking up early enough to catch the ferry.  An extra hour of sleep was definitely worth it, even if my hair did go straight out of the shower into a messy bun, and I’m not wearing any makeup.

Since I was driving, I stopped by Samudra Yoga before heading out of town to grab some breakfast.  I ended up with a 20 oz iced chai with rice milk.

Plus a vegan pumpkin muffin.

I really can’t get enough of their vegan treats.

On my first break I grabbed a coconut curry wrap from the hospital cafeteria.

I had yet another good experience with these wraps from Globespun Gourmet.  It was super yummy.

A bit later I had a salad that I packed for myself last night.

Spring mix, chickpeas, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, avocado, sunflower seeds, and Goddess.  I think the avocado plus my usual amount of dressing was a bit much though.  It was a bit too oily for my taste.  Still tasty though!

My last break I had a bowl of organic lentil soup mixed with some sea salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast.

That’s it so far for food today.  I’m sure I’ll grab a snack when I get home though.

Since I was in such a bad mood yesterday, I decided that today I would do a post about the things that I totally love at the moment.  I figure, if I force myself to think about positive things, then my mood will take a turn for the positive, and it actually did help!  Here’s the list I came up with:

1. My favorite boy, Keenan.  Well, duh.

Keenan and I at a concert back in September

2. My favorite puppy, Arlo.  Especially how excited he gets when I come home from work, and his awesome cuddling abilities.

3.  My favorite role-models, the parents.

4.  My favorite shoes this summer, my Tom’s and my Rainbows.  I live in these (along with my Havaianas).

5. My favorite dressing.

6.  My favorite True Religion jeggings. 

7.  My favorite way to sleep in when the sun is shining in my window is using this eye mask. I got it at Victoria’s Secret a few years ago.

8.  My favorite vegan cookbooks.  I use post-its to mark the recipes that I want to try.

9.  My favorite sunglasses that I wear pretty much everyday, rain or shine. 

10.  My favorite water bottle, the 40 oz Kleen Kanteen.

11.  My favorite workout, running.

12.  My favorite weather, sunshine.

11.  My favorite storage device, Ball jars.

13.  My favorite days, “weekends”! 

Speaking of which, I’m about to go start my “weekend”!  I hope you have a fabulous week!

What are some of your favorite things? 

❤ Lindsay

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Runner Envy

Hola, mi amigos! How’s the weekend going??

Mine started out a little frantic. (Is this becoming a recurring theme??) I dropped my Blackberry Thursday night and after lasting me just fine through the last year, it finally decided to give up and give me the white screen of death. After shelling out $100 to the phone insurance company, I should have a new phone on Monday. Today, however, was not Monday. It was Saturday, I had to be up at 8, and I had no reliable alarm clock.

Last night when Keenan got home, around 2am, he set his phone alarm for me, and we went to sleep. We woke up this morning to Arlo puppy kisses, and I rolled over and asked Keenan what time it was. He checked his phone, and mumbled, “Oh crap.” We had slept in until 9. I promptly got up and starting scurrying around the house trying to get ready.

Luckily, I had tried to be a good girlfriend the night before, and had packed all my own food for today, plus Keenan had brought me some food back from the restaurant, so I was all set in that department. I was ready in half an hour, and made it to my ferry with no problem at all.

When I arrived in Seattle this morning, a surprise awaited me. I had completely forgotten that this morning was the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon, and I entered Seattle to the sight of a bunch of people in spandex with big yellow signs on their chests. Honestly, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I almost started crying. I was so jealous that all those amazing people were out there running their hearts out, culminating months of training, and living out their dreams. I wanted to be them.

I have been so frustrated lately with my crazy schedule, my complete lack of free weekends, and now having my boyfriend coming home in the middle of the night most nights because of his job. I’m trying to handle this stress as well as I can, but since I barely have time to run (my anti-anxiety drug of choice), it’s getting incredibly hard for me. I run as often as I can, but I itch for it every morning that I wake up and I know that I won’t have the opportunity. As I announced a few days ago, I am still planning on participating in the Whale of a Run on July 30th, and will be training as much as my schedule allows.  I’m also spending a considerable amount of time in serious thought about the direction I want to take my life right now, mostly career-wise.  Obviously, something needs to change.  I’m just not sure what, at this point.

Sorry, for my incredibly long rant.  I honestly didn’t plan on going that far into negativity town, but one of my favorite things about my blog is that it really does give me the opportunity to express myself, and anything that I’m feeling at a given time.  Thank you so much for your readership and support.  It means the world to me. 

On that note, let’s see what I took to eat at work today!

I downed a giant green smoothie for breakfast on the ferry this morning.  I made it myself, with coconut water, chai seeds, vanilla Sun Warrior, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, banana and spinach.  I added extra strawberries, so it was kinda brown, but EXTRA good!  I wish I’d had a chance to snap a picture!

My lunch was this amazing Mediterranean wrap that Keenan brought me home from the restaurant last night.

It was loaded with their delicious in-house-made hummus, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, red onion, and white balsamic dressing.

My salad for the day was a bit different than usual.

Spring mix, tomato, red onion, mushrooms, chickpeas, quinoa, and Goddess.  It was definitely a good combo, but adding a grain (well, technically a seed) to the salad just made it a bit too heavy for me.  I love my afternoon salads because of how light and energizing they are, but this one didn’t have quite the same effect.  Definitely a good choice if you want something a bit heartier than a basic veggie salad though!

My dinner was more quinoa, with kidney beans, frozen veggie mix (broccoli, caulifower, and carrots) and tamari.  By the time dinnertime arrived the veggies had thawed, and I just warmed it all up in the microwave, as usual.  It was a great combo.  Unfortunately, I forgot to grab pics before it was gone.  My bad…

Time for me to head home and try to go to sleep with my Ar dog, so I can try to have a slightly more sane day tomorrow.  I just have to keep telling myself, it’s almost Monday!  Keenan and I are both going to have Monday and Tuesday off.  I really excited to have a whole “weekend” to spend with my amazing boyfriend. 🙂

Hope you have a great night!

❤ Lindsay

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Sleeping In

Good evening!  I can’t believe how late it is already!  I slept in until 1pm again, so I guess 5:45 just feels early.  After doing the Shred plus four miles yesterday, I’m sure my body needed plenty of extra rest.

After waking up I quickly ate an organic plum from our CSA box, and Keenan and I took Arlo on a walk to the library to return some movies that we had borrowed.

When we arrived home, I popped the top on a Zevia ginger root beer, while Keenan made me a snack.

My snack ended up being two slices of toasted David’s Killer powerseed bread with sunflower seed butter.

I am seriously addicted to sunflower seed butter.  After I picked some up at Trader Joe’s last weekend I have been eating it on everything.  The other night I even had some tortillas rolled up with sunflower seed butter.  Yum!

Once Keenan left for work, I took off on a nice three mile run.

As sore as I was from my workout yesterday, I was feeling pretty sluggish out there.  Even when I would feel like I was running really hard, I would look down at my Garmin and realize that I wasn’t going all that fast at all, by my standards.

After completing my run, I walked home and made myself a green smoothie for recovery.

This ugly, but tasty treat included frozen strawberries, a banana, raspberries, coconut milk, vanilla Sun Warrior, chia seeds, and beet greens.  Spinach may be the most popular green smoothie green choice, but it’s certainly not the only choice.  Kale, chard, and collards can all be used, plus less common greens, like those from beets.  It doesn’t really affect the flavor, but it changes up the nutrient profile, plus keeps me from throwing away a major portion of the beets that I received in my CSA box.

I have a feeling that I am going to have an evening of cooking, vegging, and movie watching.  If you have any other suggestions of things for me to do while my boyfriend is at work, please leave a comment!

❤ Lindsay

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Cleaning Day

Today was another sleep in day for our household.  Since I had the day off, and Keenan didn’t have to go in to work until 3pm, we lounged around until about noon, before we finally got up and moving.

I started off the day with a delicious nectarine fron Monday’s CSA box.

Then we headed out to Fred Meyer to pick up some food essentials that we’re low on, and I grabbed myself a Kombucha just for fun.

I also managed to smuggle some organic raspberries into the cart, and ate half the container as soon as we got home.

Keenan left for work, and I got busy with some house-cleaning.

First, I attacked our crazy sink full/counter full/table full of dishes, and cleaned up the sink area.

I’d show you the “before” picture, but you’d probably never talk to me again.

Then, I cleaned off the stove, which was also so dirty that I was disgusted with myself.

Don’t we have the tiniest, most ghetto little stove ever??  Once, we got a pizza from Papa Murphys, and we actually have to cut in in half to fit it in the oven.  Sad.

At this point, I definitely needed a snack.  It may not look like much work, but, like I said, you didn’t see the “before” pictures. 

I toasted some frozen gluten-free Nature’s Path waffles, drizzled them with sunflower seed butter, and added a few more raspberries.

It was perfection.  And it gave me the energyI needed to vacuum the apartment, take apart the vacuum to unclog it, re-vacuum the living room, and get in a level one workout from Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred.  I still don’t have the guts to move up to level two, even though level one is getting easier for me.  Some of the strength toward the end is still pretty rough for me, so I figure I’ll give it another shot or two, before boosting the intensity.

Now, I’m going to grab a little snack, head out for a run, and come home and fix dinner.

What have you done to get moving today??

❤ Lindsay

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Starbucks Breakfast

Good afternoon!  I hope all is well on your side!

So, weird story, I walked home from the ferry last night, and when I got to my front door, my newly made house key opened the doorknob lock for me, but wouldn’t turn in the deadbolt to save my life!  This key was actually my second attempt at getting a house key copy.  The first key didn’t work at all, so I took it back and had a new one made.  I was pretty stoked about the key, since it was a cool tie-dye print, but apparently this copy wasn’t to be either.  I guess I’ll be heading back to Walmart again tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed that it will actually work this time. 

Once I realized that they key wasn’t going to let me in the apartment, I turned around a speed-walked back down to practically where I’d just come from, and went to Keenan’s restaurant to get the other key.  Luckily, everyone in the front of the house was really helpful, and after I told them that I needed to get my key from Keenan, they gladly went and got it for me.

I’m totally counting all that walking from yesterday as my exercise for the day.  Especially since I was carrying my big heavy backpack on my back the entire time, and there were hills involved! 😉

This morning, I slept in until noon again, and got up to get ready for work.  My head is aching.  I think this whole staying up wayyyyy past my bedtime every night is finally starting to get to me.  I’m going to start trying to go to bed before Keenan gets home from work, and just wake up for a bit when he gets home, instead of trying to wait up every night.

In my headache-y fog this morning, I didn’t feel like doing too much food prep, so I decided that a pre-ferry Starbucks trip was in order.  I ordered my usual grande soy chai, a Naked green machine smoothie, and a Two Moms in the Raw gojiberry granola bar.

I’ve already sung the praises of the chai and the Green Machine, so today I’m gonna take a closer look at this raw granola bar from Two Mom’s in the Raw. 

This bar is made up entirely of natural, organic ingredients, and is something you would almost expect to come out of a blogger’s kitchen.

Here’s the ingredient list:

Pretty darn clean if you ask me!  And this is sold at Starbucks?? Say what???  Yup, Starbucks has really stepped up their game lately.  I was also tempted to grab some of the sweet potato chips that were in the same basket as this bar, but I passed for the moment.

I’m really glad to have an easy spot like Starbucks where I can grab myself a bit of breakfast.  The world really is starting to adapt to those of us who choose not to eat animal products, or those who just want to generally eat more healthily.  I’m sure that in the months and years to come that clean, healthy food will be something we can find in more and more places.

What do you like to grab for a quick and easy breakfast on the go?

Have a fantastically super day!

❤ Lindsay

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