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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Good evening!

Depsite yet another night with less than five hours of sleep, I actually had a pretty chill day.  I wasn’t even that tired, although I think it’s finally starting to hit me.

This morning, I purposely slept in and let myself make the hour and a half drive over to Seattle, instead of waking up early enough to catch the ferry.  An extra hour of sleep was definitely worth it, even if my hair did go straight out of the shower into a messy bun, and I’m not wearing any makeup.

Since I was driving, I stopped by Samudra Yoga before heading out of town to grab some breakfast.  I ended up with a 20 oz iced chai with rice milk.

Plus a vegan pumpkin muffin.

I really can’t get enough of their vegan treats.

On my first break I grabbed a coconut curry wrap from the hospital cafeteria.

I had yet another good experience with these wraps from Globespun Gourmet.  It was super yummy.

A bit later I had a salad that I packed for myself last night.

Spring mix, chickpeas, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, avocado, sunflower seeds, and Goddess.  I think the avocado plus my usual amount of dressing was a bit much though.  It was a bit too oily for my taste.  Still tasty though!

My last break I had a bowl of organic lentil soup mixed with some sea salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast.

That’s it so far for food today.  I’m sure I’ll grab a snack when I get home though.

Since I was in such a bad mood yesterday, I decided that today I would do a post about the things that I totally love at the moment.  I figure, if I force myself to think about positive things, then my mood will take a turn for the positive, and it actually did help!  Here’s the list I came up with:

1. My favorite boy, Keenan.  Well, duh.

Keenan and I at a concert back in September

2. My favorite puppy, Arlo.  Especially how excited he gets when I come home from work, and his awesome cuddling abilities.

3.  My favorite role-models, the parents.

4.  My favorite shoes this summer, my Tom’s and my Rainbows.  I live in these (along with my Havaianas).

5. My favorite dressing.

6.  My favorite True Religion jeggings. 

7.  My favorite way to sleep in when the sun is shining in my window is using this eye mask. I got it at Victoria’s Secret a few years ago.

8.  My favorite vegan cookbooks.  I use post-its to mark the recipes that I want to try.

9.  My favorite sunglasses that I wear pretty much everyday, rain or shine. 

10.  My favorite water bottle, the 40 oz Kleen Kanteen.

11.  My favorite workout, running.

12.  My favorite weather, sunshine.

11.  My favorite storage device, Ball jars.

13.  My favorite days, “weekends”! 

Speaking of which, I’m about to go start my “weekend”!  I hope you have a fabulous week!

What are some of your favorite things? 

❤ Lindsay


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Good Evening!

Good Evening everyone! Did you have a good day? I sure hope so! 🙂

I’m on my way home from work!

So tired!

Aren’t self-taken pictures fun?  They remind me of my early days in college, taking Myspace pictures of myself to procrastinate on studying.

Lindsay Circa March 2007

Yes, I used to have short hair.  And a lip ring.  What can I say?  I was a badass. 😉

Work today was really, really slow, but I spent most of my time getting caught up on all my favorite blogs, so time passed fairly quickly.  Plus I finally got my blogroll up!  There are some awesome blogs on there, so definitely check it out!

On to the eats.

My lunch consisted of this awesome veggie sandwich.

Same combo as yesterday, but minus the bell peppers. They just didn’t suit me too well in sandwich form.

My second lunch (I have a 15 minute break at 2pm, then a 30 minute break at 3:30) was this gorgeous salad.

I can’t say too many times how much I am totally IN LOVE with Annie’s Goddess dressing.  I don’t really even buy other salad dressings anymore.  I should probably try something new one of these days, but why ruin a good thing?  Then again, I was equally obsessed with honey mustard prior to trying the Goddess, so who knows, maybe there’s another dressing out there just waiting to claim it’s spot as “Lindsay’s Favorite Dressing”!

As much as I love Goddess, is about as much as I hate radicchio.  Every time I bite into it, mixed in with my spring mix, I almost was to spit it out.


It just kills me. 😛

My dinner was a can of Amy’s minestrone soup with nutritional yeast. 

This was actually my first time trying it with the nutritional yeast, but it was actually really good!  I could barely taste it, honestly.  I love this soup, so it’s pretty hard to screw up.

Apparently, at home, a ginormous veggie sub from the awesome sub shop by our house is waiting for me.  I’m pretty stoked to get there and dig in.  I still have about 20 minutes til I get there, but I guess I can wait if I really have to…

Honestly though, the best part of getting home at night is seeing my two loves, Keenan and Arlo, waiting for me when I get off of the boat.  Doesn’t matter how bad or stressful of a day I’ve had, their faces and kisses make it all better. 🙂

Have a good night, and I’ll see you in the morning!

❤ Lindsay

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