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Dinner in Half an Hour

Good evening bloggys!  Doing well, I hope! 🙂

After I last talked to you, I grabbed a handful of cashews, and headed out for my run.

I decided to run around the bridges by my house.

I continued running around the park until I reached my goal distance of four miles, then walked home.

That is the first time I’ve run four miles since last year.  I felt incredibly strong the entire time, and I kept thinking how good it feels to be out accomplishing something for yourself.  That’s really probably one of my favorite reasons to exercise.  You never regret a workout.

When I got back in I made myself a green juice from a recipe I had seen posted on Katelyn’s blog earlier today.


Became this:

 Juice always makes me feel so energized, and this blend was particularly light and refreshing!

Once my juice was gone, and I had relaxed a bit I set about making dinner.  I wanted something quick, easy, and nutritious, and this meal accomplished that goal perfectly.


1.  Put water on to boil for desired amount of quinoa, adding boullion to the water.  Preheat the oven to 400F.

2.  Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.  Put frozen green beans in a gallon-size plastic bag, along with a bit of olive oil and a minced garlic clove.  Shake until the beans are evenly coated in oil, then place on the baking sheet in a single layer, and bake for 20 minutes.  Add quinoa to broth, once it comes to a boil, then turn down low to simmer.

3.  Make Mmmm Sauce and set aside.

4.  Open a can of kidney beans, rinse, and set aside.

5.  Once the quinoa and the green beans have finished cooking, place some quinoa, kidney beans, and green beans all on a plate, and cover in Mmmm Sauce.

So delicious, but so easy. 

Nothing for me to do now, but sit back, cuddle with my puppy dog,  and wait for my boyfriend to get home from work!

Have a wonderful night!

❤ Lindsay



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Good morning!

We’ve had a lovely couple of days up here in Washington.  Still in the 50’s, but it definitely feels like spring.

I’ve got a nice mug of Tazo Green Ginger with Truvia this morning for my ferry ride.

I had the day off yesterday, so we took the opportunity to sleep in until noon.  Although, often times when I sleep in, I feel like I’m wasting the day, sometimes it’s also just refreshing to be able to sleep and not have to worry about an alarm clock, or being anywhere at a specific time.  Just lovely relaxation.

After I woke up, the bf and I decided to take the pooch for walk around the park by our house.  He had a great time smelling everything, but he still isn’t used to his leash, so he never knows quite how to behave.

While we were at the park, we took the opportunity to stop by Samudra Yoga and pick up our CSA box for the week!  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and basically, we pay some money ahead of time, and we get a big box of fresh organic produce every other week from Full Circle Farms.  Getting a farm box is always like Christmas for me.Behold the goodies!

Green leaf lettuce and green chard.

Hiding underneath are fingerling potatoes, yellow onions, Braeburn apples, Minneola tangelos, kiwis.  Also in the box, but still hiding, or in the paper bags, are a cucumber, zucchini, mango, snap peas, and cremini mushrooms.

I immediately pulled out some snap peas to munch on. Sooo yummy!

After our walk, I decided to make a juice!  I usually make juice a couple times a week.  I like it because I feel like I’m flooding my body with nutrients with every sip.  This was the mix:

5 carrots, 2 celery stalks, a lemon and a little ginger knob.

It tasted mostly like lemon, but I really enjoyed it.  This beta-carotene filled beauty was a nice change from the green juices that I usually make.

A little later we took Arlo on another walk to the library.  I needed to return some movies, and wanted to pick up a few more.  Library DVDs are always a pretty random assortment.  We got Star Trek (2009) and The Da Vinci Code, which we watched last night, as well as, the classic Frankenstein, The Royal Tenenbaums and season 2 of Flight of the Conchords.

Dinner ended up being one of my favorite dishes that the bf makes, fajitas! He has quite a bit of Mexican family, plus he has culinary training, so he makes these sooo amazing.

He stir-fried up:


Mushrooms and garlic.

Sweet baby bell peppahs. (I’m telling you, we use these for EVERYTHING!)

And cilantro.

He also tossed in some kidney beans and some spices (I believe chili powder and cayenne, but who knows what might have missed my eye).

While this was cooking, we mixed up some bean dip.

Into the Vita-mix went black beans, kidney beans, Cholula, chili powder and cayenne.  We like everything SPICY!

This was used for both the fajitas, and for lots of chip dipping.

The final product! After this point, just wrap and eat!  Note: while I usually eat whole grains, tortillas are an exception for me, because I just really don’t like the taste or texture or whole grain tortillas.

We actually shared this meal with my friend Molly, who hates veggies, and she thought it was totally awesome!  I think that people who hate veggies just haven’t had them cooked well, or haven’t tried a wide enough variety.  There are so many different flavors out there that there has to be SOMETHING that fits your palate!

What have you fed to veggie haters before that they really liked?

Have a wonderful day!!!

❤ Lindsay



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