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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Good evening!

Depsite yet another night with less than five hours of sleep, I actually had a pretty chill day.  I wasn’t even that tired, although I think it’s finally starting to hit me.

This morning, I purposely slept in and let myself make the hour and a half drive over to Seattle, instead of waking up early enough to catch the ferry.  An extra hour of sleep was definitely worth it, even if my hair did go straight out of the shower into a messy bun, and I’m not wearing any makeup.

Since I was driving, I stopped by Samudra Yoga before heading out of town to grab some breakfast.  I ended up with a 20 oz iced chai with rice milk.

Plus a vegan pumpkin muffin.

I really can’t get enough of their vegan treats.

On my first break I grabbed a coconut curry wrap from the hospital cafeteria.

I had yet another good experience with these wraps from Globespun Gourmet.  It was super yummy.

A bit later I had a salad that I packed for myself last night.

Spring mix, chickpeas, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, avocado, sunflower seeds, and Goddess.  I think the avocado plus my usual amount of dressing was a bit much though.  It was a bit too oily for my taste.  Still tasty though!

My last break I had a bowl of organic lentil soup mixed with some sea salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast.

That’s it so far for food today.  I’m sure I’ll grab a snack when I get home though.

Since I was in such a bad mood yesterday, I decided that today I would do a post about the things that I totally love at the moment.  I figure, if I force myself to think about positive things, then my mood will take a turn for the positive, and it actually did help!  Here’s the list I came up with:

1. My favorite boy, Keenan.  Well, duh.

Keenan and I at a concert back in September

2. My favorite puppy, Arlo.  Especially how excited he gets when I come home from work, and his awesome cuddling abilities.

3.  My favorite role-models, the parents.

4.  My favorite shoes this summer, my Tom’s and my Rainbows.  I live in these (along with my Havaianas).

5. My favorite dressing.

6.  My favorite True Religion jeggings. 

7.  My favorite way to sleep in when the sun is shining in my window is using this eye mask. I got it at Victoria’s Secret a few years ago.

8.  My favorite vegan cookbooks.  I use post-its to mark the recipes that I want to try.

9.  My favorite sunglasses that I wear pretty much everyday, rain or shine. 

10.  My favorite water bottle, the 40 oz Kleen Kanteen.

11.  My favorite workout, running.

12.  My favorite weather, sunshine.

11.  My favorite storage device, Ball jars.

13.  My favorite days, “weekends”! 

Speaking of which, I’m about to go start my “weekend”!  I hope you have a fabulous week!

What are some of your favorite things? 

❤ Lindsay


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Water is Your Friend

Happy Friday!

I am headed into work, on what should have been my day off, because I picked up a few hours this afternoon.  Luckily, I’ll be home by 6:30, so I’ll have a chance to enjoy some of this beautiful, warm day we’re having today.  Today is officially the first day that it’s been warm enough that I didn’t bring a jacket to work with me!

I woke up this morning with a headache, and immediately knew that I was dehydrated.  I haven’t been carrying my trusty water bottle with me as much recently, and I think that it has actually made an impact on my hydration.  Besides that, I have also been drinking quite a bit more soda, energy drinks, and chai/coffee lately.  All of those can cause your body to lose water.  No bueno.

So,  now I’m on the boat, guzzling water out of my Kleen Kanteen, and I figured I’d give you a few facts on hydration for your everyday life!

  • Your body is made up of 75% water.  Your brain is 80%.  Your blood is 92%.
  • Water helps to regulate your body temperature.
  • Water carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body.
  • Dehydration can reduce concentration, and cause irritability and headaches.
  • Drinking water can help you lose weight.
  • Water helps convert food to energy.
  • You should drink about half your body weight in lbs, in ozs of water.
  • Caffeinated drinks and alcohol will actually pull water out of your body, rather than hydrate you.
  • Hangovers are mostly caused by severe dehydration.
  • Drink water before bed, and when you wake up, since you still lose water in your sleep.
  • Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water, by then you’re already dehydrated.
  • Drink more water if you are exercising, or spending time in the heat.
  • If you are sweating quite a bit, consider hydrating with coconut water or Gatorade-type drinks, to keep your electrolytes up.  Electrolytes are minerals, like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which are located in your cells.  Some are inside your cells, and some are outside.  If the balance is off, water is sucked out of your cells, and can cause problems like low blood pressure and fainting.
  • You should drink extra water when traveling, especially by airplane.
  • It is usually recommended to drink small amounts of water throughout the day, rather than a large amount all at once, to give the body adequate time to absorb it.
  • Eating fresh fruits and vegetables provides you with some amount of water, which can be counted toward your daily total.  Fluid-like foods, such as soups and smoothies, also count.
  • If you don’t like water, add lemon, mint, cucumber, berries, or other fruit to it.  Or drink decaffeinated tea.

Obviously water is pretty darn important.  Drink it for your health and vitality.  🙂

Have a great day, folks!

What are your best tips for keeping hydrated?

❤ Lindsay

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