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Beach Picnic

This morning Keenan, Arlo, and I woke up and immediately headed out of the house to get some chores out of the way.  We went and paid our rent, then went to Fred Meyer to stock up on some groceries.  Our food supply has been lacking lately, so we spent quite a bit of time at the grocery store finding the essentials.  Let me tell you, we now have an AMAZING fruit collection.  I’m stoked.

Since it was such a gorgeous day, we decided to grab some ready-to-eat food to eat down at the waterfront, picnic style.  I tried a new flavor of kombucha, Guava Goddess.

It was quite good.  Not quite as much bite as the flavor that I usualy get; probably because it doesn’t contain lemon juice.  If you haven’t discovered kombuca yet, I urge you to try it.  It has weird stuff floating in it, but it’s just cultures of good bacteria that will make their home in your gut and keep the bad microbes at bay.  It tastes like fizzy juice, I just wouldn’t recommend taking a direct sniff of the bottle (take it from one who knows!).

The main course of my picnic brunch was some brown rice veggie sushi.

I ate a little over half the container with some soy sauce and ginger.  I hadn’t had sushi since becoming vegan, so it was a nice treat to find some that I could eat!

While I ate my little brunch I sat on the stairs and watched my boys play on the beach.

May I just say that my puppy dog smells significantly like rotting sea life now?? Ew!  Time for a puppy bath!

When we got home, Keenan left for work, and I ate a few berries for some workout fuel.

My workout consisted of a circuit that I borrowed from Julie’s blog, and modified for my fitness level. (She is in wayyyyy better shape than I am!)  Then I went on a three mile run around the park.

Garmin Shot:

Today has definitely been a great day so far, now I’m off to make dinner.  One nice thing about being home alone some evenings is that I get to make dinner without having to worry about anyones tastes but my own! 

❤ Lindsay


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Cleaning Day

Today was another sleep in day for our household.  Since I had the day off, and Keenan didn’t have to go in to work until 3pm, we lounged around until about noon, before we finally got up and moving.

I started off the day with a delicious nectarine fron Monday’s CSA box.

Then we headed out to Fred Meyer to pick up some food essentials that we’re low on, and I grabbed myself a Kombucha just for fun.

I also managed to smuggle some organic raspberries into the cart, and ate half the container as soon as we got home.

Keenan left for work, and I got busy with some house-cleaning.

First, I attacked our crazy sink full/counter full/table full of dishes, and cleaned up the sink area.

I’d show you the “before” picture, but you’d probably never talk to me again.

Then, I cleaned off the stove, which was also so dirty that I was disgusted with myself.

Don’t we have the tiniest, most ghetto little stove ever??  Once, we got a pizza from Papa Murphys, and we actually have to cut in in half to fit it in the oven.  Sad.

At this point, I definitely needed a snack.  It may not look like much work, but, like I said, you didn’t see the “before” pictures. 

I toasted some frozen gluten-free Nature’s Path waffles, drizzled them with sunflower seed butter, and added a few more raspberries.

It was perfection.  And it gave me the energyI needed to vacuum the apartment, take apart the vacuum to unclog it, re-vacuum the living room, and get in a level one workout from Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred.  I still don’t have the guts to move up to level two, even though level one is getting easier for me.  Some of the strength toward the end is still pretty rough for me, so I figure I’ll give it another shot or two, before boosting the intensity.

Now, I’m going to grab a little snack, head out for a run, and come home and fix dinner.

What have you done to get moving today??

❤ Lindsay

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