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I Could Cry

Not really, but I am so bummed that the Heat lost the NBA Finals!

This is my sad face.

I know, I’m a total weirdo and way too obsessed, but I have been rooting for the Heat since the season started, thinking that they definitely wouldn’t make it this far since they were such a new team.  Plus, I totally love LeBron. 

He’s awesome.  He’s the next Michael Jordan.  I don’t think he’s there yet…he’s too young, but by the time his career is over I think he’s gonna show us all what’s up. 

Okay.  Enough with that rant.  Let’s get to the food!

My first meal at work today was this lovely sandwich.

By “lovely”, obviously I meant “didn’t survive the trip in my backpack, but still tasted bomb”.  Hummus, cucumber and sun-dried tomatoes on Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seed bread.  Great combo!

My salad was also super delicious today, as always.

Spring mix, roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, orange pepper, grated carrot, sprouts, garbanzos, and this fantastic Asian miso dressing that I picked up recently. 

I’ve noticed that in my salad pics, all the good veggies seem to hide under the greens. 

See?? Once I get past all those greens there actually are other veggies hiding under there!  Lots and lots of veggie goodness!

By the way, I’ve decided that I need to drown myself in beta-carotene-containing foods so that maybe I can give myself a tan from the inside out.  Not a horrible plan, right?  😉

My soup of the day was Wolfgang Puck’s Classic Minestrone.

Honestly, I think I might like it even more than Amy’s minestrone soup.  Shhhh, don’t tell Amy!!  Wolfgang Puck was the soup brand on sale when I went to Fred Meyer last week.   They were cheaper than the rest of the soup in the health food section, but still more expensive than I would like, at $2 a can.  I think I see some soup-making in my future!

I guess Keenan is bringing me home some tasty treats from the restaurant tonight.  I can’t wait to see what he whips up!

I have the next two days off of work, and other than beginning a new Bible study group tomorrow morning, I really have no idea what my plans will be.  I’m definitely going to get some workouts in, and hang out with my little man, Arlo.  It’s really going to take some adjusting to not having Keenan around 100% of the time that I’m not at work.  I will definitely miss it, but I think it’s good that I’m getting some time to just chill out and do my own thing on occasion.  I will certainly be savoring the time we have together a bit more now that I can’t take it for granted.

What’s your favorite brand of soup?

Any cool plans for the week ahead?

Have a good night!

❤ Lindsay


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