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Spaghetti Marinara and Garlic Bread

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Here’s a fun fact:  in the years since I’ve been 21, I’ve never been able to celebrate “Cinco de Drinko”!  I have always been busy with school or work, or some other activity that made celebrating impossible.  I honestly don’t know whether I’ll end up celebrating tonight or not.  I don’t work tomorrow, but I also won’t get home from work until after 10, so we’ll see.  Rumor has is that Keenan’s fajitas might be turning up again tonight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Last night, Keenan decided to surprise me with spaghetti marinara and garlic bread when I got home from work.  When I was a kid, I’m pretty sure spaghetti was my absolute favorite dish.  I was a pretty picky kid too, so that’s saying something.  I think Keenan’s version turned out pretty darn well.

The garlic bread was made starting with a loaf of plain French bread.  Keenan prepared the garlic butter using about a 1/2 cup of Earth Balance, 4 cloves of garlic, some garlic powder, and some dried oregano and cilantro.  He sliced the bread in half and spread the garlic butter over the bottom slice of the bread.

We then baked the bread at about 425 degrees for about 10 minutes, or until the crust started to darken slightly.

Keenan then sliced the bread crosswise into slices.  Foodgasms ensued.  This stuff is seriously amazing.  Seriously. 🙂

For the spaghetti sauce, we simply sliced up some fresh tomato and onion, and added it to a jar of Muir Glen organic pasta sauce.

We let it simmer on med-low until warm.

We cooked some organic whole wheat spaghetti and added it all together.

I also added some nutritional yeast to mine, for some added punch.

Pretty sure I ate at least half of the loaf of garlic bread by myself.  Don’t judge me.

Oh, and more evidence that mason jars can be used for anything…

Check out this creative spaghetti storing solution.  Yup, they work for everything.

The spaghetti marinara is also making a guest appearance in my work dinner tonight, so that should be yummy.  I can’t believe that I used to be a child who abhorred leftovers, and now I honestly think that most things taste better as leftovers.  I think it’s because the flavors get to enrich a bit overnight.

Well, I hope you all have a lovely Cinco de Mayo!  Eat something Mexican or enjoy a margarita the size of your head.  Whatever helps you enjoy the holiday!

❤ Lindsay


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What Are YOU Doing for Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day!!! 🙂

I think this has got to be one of the coolest holidays, because it’s a point during the year where we can all take a step back, look at our habits, and how they’re affect the world around us.  You can even think of Earth Day as a New Year for Going Green!  There are so many things that you can do to help lessen your impact on the planet, so why not use today to start!

Here are some things you can do to celebrate Earth Day:

  • Go Vegan!  Or just reduce the amount of meat and animal products you consume.  Eating less animal products helps reduce the amount of the greenhouse gas, methane, put into the atmosphere by all those factory animals’ farts and poo.  Ew.
  • Choose Local.  By purchasing food items produced locally you are saving the amount of gas used to transport the food from the farm to your mouth.  Up to 1/5 of the fuel used in America goes to transporting your food.  Check out local farmers’ markets especially.  The one near my house opens May 5th!
  • Choose Organic.  Purchasing organic food means that you are saving our air and waterways from the pollution caused by chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Use Reusable Shopping Bags.  I know that in the past I’ve come home with up to 10 plastic shopping bags from one trip to the grocery store.  Not cool.  The average American uses about 500 plastic bags a year.  Imagine that in your landfill.
  • Buy a reusable water bottle and a water filter.  You know I love my Kleen Kanteen and my Brita.  Constantly buying bottled water from the store is a waste of your money, and all those bottles are crowding our planet.
  • Donate Your Unwanted Items.  I plan to donate my old clothes and shoes, that were weeded out during spring cleaning, to my local Goodwill.  It keeps them out of the landfill and puts them into the hands of someone who truly needs them.
  • Walk or Ride a Bike.  Drive less.  Use less gas.  Emit less nasty chemicals.
  • Switch to Online Bill Paying.  Reduce the amount of paper used each month.  Plus it saves you money on stamps.  The only bill I don’t pay online is my rent.  While you’re at it, switch to direct deposit if it’s available to you.
  • Pick Up Trash.  Around your neighborhood, at the park, wherever.  It’s easy.  Just make sure you’re using gloves.
  • Start a Compost Pile.  Even all your seemingly-easy decomposing food scraps can’t properly break down in the crammed, oxygen-less landfill.  Compost to save on your trash bill and to make excellent fertilizer for your yard or garden.
  • Start a Personal Veggie Garden.  I am constantly dreaming of the day when I finally have a real house with a yard and can grow my own veggies.  Talk about seriously local produce!
  • Buy Energy Efficient Light Bulbs.  Save money in the long run and use less electricity in the long run.
  • Turn Off the Water During Tooth Brushing.  Also, take shorter showers.  Saving water is awesome.
  • Use the Cold Cycle on Your Washing Machine.  Apparently, it washes your clothes just as well, unless it’s something that needs sanitation like cloth diapers.  Save electricity!  Also, use the least amount of water for the amount of clothes you are washing.
  • Fill Your Tires.  If you must drive, make sure that your tires have the correct amount of air in them.  Too little air can cause your car to lose fuel efficiency.  Not cool when gas is $4 a gallon!
  • Get Out in Nature.  Take in the beauty.  Learn to love it.
  • Recycle.  Duh.

Go check out A Billion Acts of Green at the Earth Day website to pledge your Act of Green!

I want my kids to be able to breathe clean air and drink clean water.  Every step that we take today affects whether or not that is possible.  Take the future into your own hands and participate today!  Also, remember, Earth Day is EVERYDAY!!!! 🙂

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day??

❤ Lindsay

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