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A Good Dog Day

Happy Tuesday!!!

I hope you’re all doing quite well!¬† I’ve had a pretty good last couple of days. ūüôā

Yesterday started out nicely, with a nice little mile-long walk with Arlo down in the park.  The pooch and I woke up before Keenan was ready, so to give him some extra, un-disturbed sleep time, we decided to go stretch our legs.

Arlo took his sweet time to sniff everything in sight.

He even found some smells good enough to roll in!

We were able to enjoy the view of the sunshine on the water.

Once we’d looped around the park I stopped at Samudra Yoga to grab an iced chai with rice milk and some breakfast.

I love that everything that they use at Samudra is eco-friendly!  Plus they have lots of vegan pastry options.  I saved my Apple Breakfast Bar until I got home.

Isn’t my Pocahontas plate sweet??¬† I also have a Little Mermaid plate that’s similar.

Once Keenan was up and moving, we decided to take Arlo to the dog park.¬† We didn’t end up staying too long, because the only other dog in the small dog area was very shy and would jump up into his owners lap every time Arlo would try to play with him.¬†

Got to see this on the way out though.

You know I’m a sucker for a great view!

We stopped and grabbed some Popchips to snack on, before heading out to the field to kick around a soccer ball.

I have next to no experience with soccer, but Keenan was amazing at it when he was younger, so we always have a good time just kicking the ball around with each other, passing and kicking goals.¬† It’s honestly a great workout too.¬† You get in plenty of running, plus I can always feel my legs and abs working when I kick the ball.¬† It also gave the puppy a chance to run around even more.¬†

At one point, Keenan actually challenged me to race Arlo from one end of the field to the other.  Thankfully, I won.  Barely.  That little dude can sprint!

By the time we got home I was starving.  I grabbed the leftover half of the Mediterranean wrap that Keenan had brought me home from work the night before out of the fridge and practically inhaled it.

Hummus, tomato, lettuce, red onion, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, cucumbers, and who knows what else.  I am so spoiled now that Keenan is working at such a  nice restaurant!

Once we got home, we shared some Coors Lights and veg-ed out for the rest of the night watching movies.

Obviously I took this picture part way into the beer.¬† Otherwise my blue cold sensing stripes would be showing.¬† Can’t have a warm beer!

Today, we got up and ran some errands with my daddy.¬† Since I didn’t get breakfast beforehand, I convinced him to buy me a chai at Starbucks while he was filling his truck up with gas nextdoor.¬† I am way too obsessed with chai.

When we got home from that, Keenan and I immediately left again to go buy him some new socks, t-shirts, and work pants at Wal-Mart.¬† On our way home we decided to grab subs from Kate’s Jersey Subs.¬† I got the Veggie MOP Hoagie.

It includes veggie patty, sauteed mushrooms, onions and peppers, plus fresh tomato, lettuce and onion.¬† Totally delicious.¬† And so big that I’ve only eaten half so far.¬† I have a strong suspicion that the other half will be disappearing pretty soon now.¬† I don’t want to wait so long that it will ruin my appetite for dinner!¬† My mom and step-dad are picking me up at 5:30 to go have dinner at Keenan’s restaurant for my mom’s birthday.¬† Happy Early Birthday, Mom!!!¬† I love you!!!

I’d actually better get going so I can get all cuted up for dinner!¬† Have a fantastic night!

‚̧ Lindsay


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