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Make-Shift Dijon Dressing

What do you do when you go to prepare lunch and realize that there is absolutely no salad dressing in the house?

Make something besides salad?  No way.  You should know me better than this.  Obviously my big ol’ salad is my staple work lunch, but today I awoke to find my cherished Annie’s Goddess dressing bottle empty.  With no time to really come up with a new lunch option, I decided to get creative.

Into the dressing cap went a big squirt of dijon mustard and some canola oil.  Of course, my boyfriend, the chef, stepped in and told me to add some sesame oil.  He’s so smart!  I absolutely adore sesame oil, and on salads it can really add to the flavor, so I’m definitely glad he talked me into that one.

When lunch-time came around,  I had a text from Keenan asking me how my salad had turned out. (Smart AND thoughtful! I think this one’s a keeper! ;))  I quickly mixed the dressing with the veggies, and gave it a try.

My response, “Not bad! If I did it again I’d add agave or honey to it though.”

At that moment, the light bulb went on.  Duhhhh!  I’m in a cafeteria!  I quickly ran across the room and came back with one of these babies.

I added almost the entire honey packet to my salad, re-tossed it, then re-sampled.  Perfect!

I would give you a recipe, but since I don’t use any exact amounts it would be pointless.  However, if you’re ever in a rush and need a quick and tasty dressing, just combine dijon mustard, canola oil, sesame oil, and honey, and you’re set!

My other eats for the day included leftover spaghetti marinara from last night, and a vegan quesadilla.

I was really excited to share the quesadilla with you, especially with it being Cinco de Mayo and all, but as soon as I sat down to eat, one of my coworkers came over and sat next to me to chat and eat.  Although a few of my coworkers have seen me reading food blogs in the office, and I’ve even told some that I have my own food blog, I’m still not ready to pose and photograph food while they’re watching me.

To sum it up though, just put some Daiya cheddar and mozzarella on a tortilla, along with some Tapatio hot sauce that I borrowed from the hospital cafeteria, folded the tortilla in half, and microwaved for 45 seconds.  It was everything I hoped it would be, and I am totally bummed that I couldn’t share it with you visually.  Guess you’re just gonna have to go try it, huh? 🙂

To make up for the missing Mexican food pictures, how about I post some Mexican dog pictures?  Seems like a good plan to me!  I am always down for any opportunity to exploit my dog’s cuteness.

This is the puppy-gasm face that Arlo makes whenever Keenan scratches his neck.  He just melts.

Another example of the puppy-gasm face.

Arlo also likes to chew on our fingers.  This earns him puppy-spankings, but it never stops him.

"I'm sowwy for nibbling your fingers, they just taste so nummy!"

It’s ok, Arlo, you’re too cute to hold a grudge against.

I guess at that point he was ready for bed.  Right between mommy and daddy, his favorite spot.

I think it’s nuts that my dog can curl up into a ball and practically fit in my hand.  Yeah.  That’s my tiny hand.  Not some giant man hand.  I guess his personality makes him seem a bit more Great Dane-esque.

Well, I believe the decision has been reached that I will be going out for “Cinco de Drinko”.  I don’t think I ever really had much choice in the matter.  If you’re lucky maybe I’ll send some fun tweets later on. 🙂

What did you do for Cinco de Mayo???

Whatever it was, I hope you had a blast doing it! 🙂

❤ Lindsay


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