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Starbucks Breakfast

Good afternoon!  I hope all is well on your side!

So, weird story, I walked home from the ferry last night, and when I got to my front door, my newly made house key opened the doorknob lock for me, but wouldn’t turn in the deadbolt to save my life!  This key was actually my second attempt at getting a house key copy.  The first key didn’t work at all, so I took it back and had a new one made.  I was pretty stoked about the key, since it was a cool tie-dye print, but apparently this copy wasn’t to be either.  I guess I’ll be heading back to Walmart again tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed that it will actually work this time. 

Once I realized that they key wasn’t going to let me in the apartment, I turned around a speed-walked back down to practically where I’d just come from, and went to Keenan’s restaurant to get the other key.  Luckily, everyone in the front of the house was really helpful, and after I told them that I needed to get my key from Keenan, they gladly went and got it for me.

I’m totally counting all that walking from yesterday as my exercise for the day.  Especially since I was carrying my big heavy backpack on my back the entire time, and there were hills involved! 😉

This morning, I slept in until noon again, and got up to get ready for work.  My head is aching.  I think this whole staying up wayyyyy past my bedtime every night is finally starting to get to me.  I’m going to start trying to go to bed before Keenan gets home from work, and just wake up for a bit when he gets home, instead of trying to wait up every night.

In my headache-y fog this morning, I didn’t feel like doing too much food prep, so I decided that a pre-ferry Starbucks trip was in order.  I ordered my usual grande soy chai, a Naked green machine smoothie, and a Two Moms in the Raw gojiberry granola bar.

I’ve already sung the praises of the chai and the Green Machine, so today I’m gonna take a closer look at this raw granola bar from Two Mom’s in the Raw. 

This bar is made up entirely of natural, organic ingredients, and is something you would almost expect to come out of a blogger’s kitchen.

Here’s the ingredient list:

Pretty darn clean if you ask me!  And this is sold at Starbucks?? Say what???  Yup, Starbucks has really stepped up their game lately.  I was also tempted to grab some of the sweet potato chips that were in the same basket as this bar, but I passed for the moment.

I’m really glad to have an easy spot like Starbucks where I can grab myself a bit of breakfast.  The world really is starting to adapt to those of us who choose not to eat animal products, or those who just want to generally eat more healthily.  I’m sure that in the months and years to come that clean, healthy food will be something we can find in more and more places.

What do you like to grab for a quick and easy breakfast on the go?

Have a fantastically super day!

❤ Lindsay


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Salad Prep

Good afternoon from the Washington State Ferry system! 

Overheard from the ten (literally) small children sitting in the seat across from me, “This is only your first time on the ferry??  This is my one billionth time!”  Kids say the darndest things, right?  About five minutes later, I heard one of them talking about having Wi-Fi on the ferry, and I realized that when I was their age Wi-Fi didn’t even exist!  I’m old.

I’m currently munching on the other half of my Subway footlong from yesterday afternoon.

It held up surprisingly well in the fridge overnight!

I’ve also got a green smoothie to drink once I finish the sandwich.  Not sure of the combo, but I know it has frozen strawberries, so good enough for me!

Pretty good lunch, if you ask me!

One of the things that I’m having to adapt to now that Keenan is working full-time again, is that he is generally too tired in the mornings to get up and prepare all of my work food for me.  I’ve been so spoiled for the last few months, that letting go of it is a bit hard for me.  However, last night I was playing around in the kitchen, and I decided to try out a tip that many bloggers have given in the past. 

Salads are probably the most time-consuming part of the lunch-making process, so why not just prepare a large batch of salad ahead of time, then dole it out into a smaller container as it is needed?  It was the perfect idea.  It would save both Keenan and myself extra stress in the morning, and keep me eating healthy.

I threw a bunch of my spring mix and some garbanzos into a large plastic bowl with a lid.  Then, I proceeded to chop red and orange bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, and cucumbers and tossed them in as well.

This morning, all I had to do was grab a few handfuls of the mixture, throw them in my handy dandy salad container, and toss a couple tablespoons of sunflower seeds on top. 

That, plus filling the cap with dressing, and I was set!

I have a feeling that I’ll be using this tip quite a bit in the future to make our lives a bit less stressful. 

How do you save time with meal prep?

Have a terrific day!

❤ Lindsay


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Sleepy Sunday

Morning my lovelies!

I’m feeling much better today!  I even got my appetite back last night.  I ate a piece of toast with Earth Balance, finished up the other half of the rice and seaweed combo that I made, and drank a big ol’ green smoothie with almond milk, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, dulse powder, spinach, a banana, a small nectarine and a small peach, and a few frozen strawberries.  It definitely felt good to get at least a few nutrients in my body for the day.  I was even lucky enough that when Keenan finally got home from work (around 1:30am) he brought me another one of the grilled portobello burgers from the restaurant.  I’m definitely liking this situation.  🙂

Today is one of my typical Sunday’s where I’m going to be in the office at work all day long taking phone calls.  The lack of patients on the weekends can make it pretty boring in there.  Hopefully I can stay awake!  I am pretty darn tired after last night, what with not sleeping well for the first couple hours because Keenan wasn’t there, and then waking up and sitting up for a bit once he did get home.  Most of his work nights shouldn’t be THAT late though, I don’t think.

Here is my batch of work food for the day:

Pretty standard fare.  Smoothie, sandwich, salad and soup.  All lovingly prepared for me this morning by my wonderful boyfriend, who dragged his sleepy butt out of bed to help me get ready for work.  Be jealous. 😉

Want something to read?

 Like This Veggie? Try that One! from Women’s Health Magazine
Summer Grilling Tips from VegNews.com
Costco: Surprise Vegan Haven from Savvy Vegan (they also have lots of great articles on how to save some cash as a vegan!)
Healthy Food Awards from Self Magazine (Not everything might be vegan, but they definitely have some great stuff on there.)

Have a wonderful day!!

❤ Lindsay


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Peanut Butter Cup Green Smoothie

How’s your weekend going so far?  Mine has been pretty groovy.  🙂

Last night, my wonderful boyfriend took me out for dinner at a local casual Mexican restaurant called Los Cazadores.  I discovered their veggie menu (which was on a different wall than the rest of the menu, and not lit up like the rest of the menu), and ordered the veggie enchiladas without cheese.  It was served with rice and beans on the side, and I was hugely regretting forgetting both my camera and my Blackberry, so I couldn’t show you the awesome deliciousness.

We went home, and I did a workout from Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.  I’m not nearly as sore today as I was the day after last time I did that workout.  I’m wondering if maybe I didn’t push myself as hard, since I had a huge belly full of food.  I’m usually more of a morning exerciser, and I definitely don’t like working out on a full tummy.  I did feel that I got a good workout, though, and had a good sweat going.  I also don’t feel quite ready to move on to the more advanced levels of the DVD yet, either.

After my workout, I decided to make a green protein smoothie for recovery/dessert.  I remembered the smoothie that I created and tweeted about a few days ago, and decided that now was the time to show you guys on the blog!

Meet the Peanut Butter Cup Green Smoothie.

It’s a salad and dessert at the same time!


1 cup Almond milk

1 scoop Sun Warrior vanilla protein powder

1 scoop Chia seeds

1.5 T Cocoa powder

2 T Peanut butter

1 Banana

2 cups Spinach

Agave syrup to taste

Put all of the ingredients in the blender, and blend until smooth.

If I were to plan ahead for this recipe, I would make sure to have a frozen banana, or some ice, to use for it.  Mine was room temperature, and while it was good, I think it would have been more enjoyable cold.  It was still amazing though.  The spinach was completely overwhelmed by the peanut butter, chocolate and banana, and it tasted just like a peanut butter cup.  Soooo good.

This morning, I woke up frantically to an incredibly loud jet engine noise.  Although I don’t  really believe in conspiracy theories, with all the talk about the end of the world ending today, all I could think was that my town was about to become a crater, and started saying my prayers.  Of course Keenan woke up as well, and after a few moments of “WTF?”, he reminds me that the Armed Forces Day parade was a few blocks down the street from our apartment, and that the noise was most likely just military planes doing a fly-by for the festivities.  Thank God.  Armaggedon evaded for now. 😉

I woke up and was reading my Twitter as “Today we’ve got vegan chocolate cherry coconut muffins...” caught my eye from the yoga studio near our house.  With that, Arlo was leashed up, and Keenan and I took a walk down the hill to the park/the yoga studio.

These were waiting for me when I got there.

As was this.

Grande soy coconut chai.

I couldn’t ask for a better breakfast. 🙂

Then, of course, it was time to get ready for work, and here I am.

Have a fantastic Saturday!!!

Do you guys have any fun dessert smoothie recipes?

❤ Lindsay

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Arlo is The Man

Happy May Day, Everyone!  Can you believe how fast the year is racing by??? I know I can’t!

Here’s another self-shot to get the day started! 😛

Obviously, I’m on my way to work.  Enjoying the usual green smoothie.

^^^^^^Check out the sunglasses! ^^^^^^ Yes, they are actually necessary today! Yay, sunshine!!!

Last night, when I got home from work, I was greeted by this monster!

A veggie sub from Kate’s Jersey Subs, a small sandwich shop near our house, loaded with all sorts of delicious veggies.  It was amazing.  I devoured it like it was no one’s business.

This was followed up by lots of chips and salsa while we watched Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story.  I’ve never seen it before, and despite being a comedic knock-off of Walk the Line, about Johnny Cash, it was actually really funny!  I honestly didn’t think I’d like it, because I have a lot of respect for Johnny Cash, but I think, for a spoof, it was really well done.  John C. Reilly is great.

During the movie, Keenan and I were also entertained by Arlo’s antics.  He gets a little crazy at night, and last night was no exception.

"Don't tell anyone, but my ears actually enable me to fly!"

"I am The Man!"

His sock monkey never knew what hit him.

"3.5 lbs, what?? I will destroy you!"

"See how tough I am!"

I am pretty obsessed with my dog.  He’s definitely an adventure!

What kind of pet do you have?  What kind of hilarious/awesome stuff do they do?

Have a good one!

❤ Lindsay

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How to Start on Your Path to Health Part Four

Happy Weekend!!!  Anyone have any fantastic plans for this one?  I’m on my way to Seattle for work.  You know, the usual.

Current consuming a lovely green smoothie in a jar.

My favorite Pink water bottle died a couple weeks ago, so jars have taken it’s place.  Jars are BPA-free anyway.


My smoothies have been a little different lately, because on our last trip to Costco, we bought a bag of frozen mixed tropical fruit, instead of our usual frozen strawberries.  The mix contains mango, pineapple, and papaya, as well as, strawberries.  The change of fruit is a great flavor change, in addition to creating a different nutrient profile for my smoothie.  Gotta change it up!

How to Start on Your Path to Health Part Four

I can’t believe it’s already the fourth week of this installment!!  How did you all do with your goals from last week?  Did you get a chance to go to the grocery store and get some label-reading in?  I’m sure you were awesome, as always. 🙂

Here are the links for weeks one through three, if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet:

This week is going to be pretty much the same as last week, continue to work on your goal, or if you have completed that goal, then set yourself a new one using the guidelines from Part Two.  Isn’t it amazing how much you can accomplish when you begin setting goals for yourself?  Even small achievements can add up to something completely awesome.

This week, my personal goal for you is to begin being mindful.  This is something that I am trying to work on, myself, and I believe that it can bring happiness and joy to your life in ways that you didn’t realize you could.

Bring mindful means living in the current moment.  Instead of dwelling upon what’s ahead, worrying about things that are out of your control, or living in the past, attempt to focus on what is happening right now.  You have the ability to alter your way of thinking and change your moods.  Just by changing how you look at something, you can make it less of a bad thing.

Are you annoyed with the screaming baby that’s imparing your ability to focus?  Think about the unfortunate mother who is probably frustrated that she can’t get her baby to stop crying.  Maybe the baby has a cold, or a tummy ache, maybe it’s teething.  You never know what the real situation is.  When you begin to get upset, just take a moment to think about the situation from a different point of view.

Are you irritated because you’re headed to work on a gorgeous Saturday?  (Wonder who I could be talking about here?? *cough cough*)  Take the time before you get there to enjoy the sunshine, notice how beautiful all of your surroundings are.  Use your senses and enjoy the time that you do get to spend, instead of continuing to think about how disappointed you are that you don’t get to enjoy freedom in the sun for the rest of the day.

Meditation is one of the main methods that can be used to practice mindfulness.  It isn’t something I have dabbled in too much yet, but it’s definitely something I’m interested in exploring further.  I have tried it a few times, usually for about five minutes at a time, and I do believe that it could have a positive impact on my life.  By sitting still and focusing on your breath, you are practicing being in the moment.  When ever something happens that is out of your control, just take a moment to focus on your breath, and be in the here and now.

Yoga is another practice of mindfulness.  In the same way as meditation, yoga forces you to focus on your breath and to be in the moment, concentrating on holding your poses, rather than thinking about outside forces.  Yoga is not only a wonderful practice for you strength and flexibility, but also for your mind.

I hope you give mindfulness a shot.  I’ve just begun being mindful of being mindful, and I already feel happier and more relaxed.

What are your weekend plans?

What goal(s) are you working on? What goals have you achieved?

What do you think about mindfulness?

❤ Lindsay

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Smoothie Alternative

Happy Thursday!

It’s another lovely, sunny, but cold day up here!

But, horror of all horrors, we were completely out of smoothie ingredients this morning!  How can I live??? The smoothie from yesterday was pretty much undrinkable.  The bf and I confessed to each other that neither of us were actually able to finish our smoothies yesterday, and dumped them out about halfway.  Just too thick (pulpy??) , and not enough flavor to go along with the orange and mango.

Since I wasn’t able to make myself a smoothie at home, I decided to do the next best thing and grab some of the good ol’ Starbucks.  It’s easy enough, since there are three directly in my path between my apartment and work. (One at our ferry terminal, one on my walk up to the bus, and one inside the hospital.)

I went with my usual grande soy chai, and decided to try the Naked Green Machine smoothie.

I’ve tried the Odwalla Superfood before, but this one is new to me.

Pretty good line-up if you ask me.  The only thing I could ask for would be the enzymes that were pasteurized out of it.  Enzymes are one of the best parts about eating raw foods; the enzymes from the food help the enzymes in your body break down the food, so that your body doesn’t have to work as hard.  Kinda cool, huh?  However, these enzymes are destroyed once they have been heated about 115 degrees.

This stuff tastes pretty darn delicious though.  Plus, the combo of algae provides 50% of your vitamin B12 per bottle!

Last night after work, the bf was sweet enough to take the ferry over to Seattle and meet me!  He even brought Arlo!  We all walked around downtown for a while, then headed back to the ferry.  Usually on nights, like last night, that I get off at 9pm, I have to sit around for almost an hour and a half in the ferry terminal by myself, so I was quite grateful for the excellent company. 🙂

We also bother decided to get one of my favorite decently healthy vegan fast food options.


Since they added avocado to their options, I am obsessed.  Such an easy on-the-go vegan meal.  I get these way too often.  Again, the locations are so convenient for me, as well.

What are your favorite on-the-go vegan foods?

❤ Lindsay

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