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Starbucks Breakfast

Good afternoon!  I hope all is well on your side!

So, weird story, I walked home from the ferry last night, and when I got to my front door, my newly made house key opened the doorknob lock for me, but wouldn’t turn in the deadbolt to save my life!  This key was actually my second attempt at getting a house key copy.  The first key didn’t work at all, so I took it back and had a new one made.  I was pretty stoked about the key, since it was a cool tie-dye print, but apparently this copy wasn’t to be either.  I guess I’ll be heading back to Walmart again tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed that it will actually work this time. 

Once I realized that they key wasn’t going to let me in the apartment, I turned around a speed-walked back down to practically where I’d just come from, and went to Keenan’s restaurant to get the other key.  Luckily, everyone in the front of the house was really helpful, and after I told them that I needed to get my key from Keenan, they gladly went and got it for me.

I’m totally counting all that walking from yesterday as my exercise for the day.  Especially since I was carrying my big heavy backpack on my back the entire time, and there were hills involved! 😉

This morning, I slept in until noon again, and got up to get ready for work.  My head is aching.  I think this whole staying up wayyyyy past my bedtime every night is finally starting to get to me.  I’m going to start trying to go to bed before Keenan gets home from work, and just wake up for a bit when he gets home, instead of trying to wait up every night.

In my headache-y fog this morning, I didn’t feel like doing too much food prep, so I decided that a pre-ferry Starbucks trip was in order.  I ordered my usual grande soy chai, a Naked green machine smoothie, and a Two Moms in the Raw gojiberry granola bar.

I’ve already sung the praises of the chai and the Green Machine, so today I’m gonna take a closer look at this raw granola bar from Two Mom’s in the Raw. 

This bar is made up entirely of natural, organic ingredients, and is something you would almost expect to come out of a blogger’s kitchen.

Here’s the ingredient list:

Pretty darn clean if you ask me!  And this is sold at Starbucks?? Say what???  Yup, Starbucks has really stepped up their game lately.  I was also tempted to grab some of the sweet potato chips that were in the same basket as this bar, but I passed for the moment.

I’m really glad to have an easy spot like Starbucks where I can grab myself a bit of breakfast.  The world really is starting to adapt to those of us who choose not to eat animal products, or those who just want to generally eat more healthily.  I’m sure that in the months and years to come that clean, healthy food will be something we can find in more and more places.

What do you like to grab for a quick and easy breakfast on the go?

Have a fantastically super day!

❤ Lindsay


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New Foods!

Hey there!

I got off work early today!!!  I get to go home and actually enjoy some of this lovely day! 🙂

Is it just me or do I have a lot of pics like this? I need my own personal photographer...

I am just chillin out enjoying the scenery on my way home, and listening to my Taylor Swift station on Pandora.  It’s funny, I barely listen to country in the colder months, but as soon as the sun pops it’s head out, I bust out the country tunes.  It just works.

After work, I had time to grab Starbucks before I caught the bus, so I got myself the iced version of my favorite drink, the grande soy chai.

The beverage itself didn’t manage to last long enough to make it in front of the camera, so we must settle for my cup and ice.  Darn iced drinks, emptying themselves so quickly!

I was able to enjoy a wonderful vegan lunch in the hospital cafeteria before work earlier.  It’s very rare that the line is actually serving some vegan, other than veggie sides, so getting a huge plateful of tofu yakisoba, baby bok choy, and edamame was a huge treat for me!

It was actually my first time trying both edamame AND bok choy!  I know, it’s shocking!  It was all delicious, and I was seriously thrilled to be able to get a nice wholesome meal like this at my place of work.  This happens, like, never.

Anyway, once I’m home I plan to go do some grocery shopping  (Happy Payday to me!), and watch the Heat destroy the Bulls again (I’m hoping).  Should be great!

What’s a food that you’ve never tried, but want to?

Have a great weekend!

❤ Lindsay

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A Chai Story

Morning sunshine!

It’s another beautiful sunny day here!  All you people who don’t have to go to work on this gorgeous Saturday are some lucky ducks!

As usual, I’m enjoying a liquid breakfast of H2O, green smoothie and Starbucks grande soy chai.

Have I told you how much I love chai??

It’s not just Starbucks chai, either.  I’ll take one anywhere, anytime.

I had my first chai when I was 16 years old.  I was attending the local community college via the Running Start program, and one of my classmates asked me to try his one day.  I had heard of it… they served it at the coffee stand at the student center at the college… but it kind of intimidated me a bit, since it was nothing like I had ever tried before.  After all, I was a die hard fan of caramel macchiatos, and don’t you dare try to take them from me.  However, I went along with my classmate and tried a sip of this strange chai tea stuff.  It was amazing.  It tasted like Christmas.  And so, a love was born.

Three years later, on summer vacation from university, I was hired at a chai stand at our local mall.  A chai stand?  Yeah, a chai stand.  It’s like a coffee stand, but instead, specializes in chai tea.  We had vanilla chai, chocolate chai, traditional spice chai, and tons of flavors to mix in to make a wild array of chai flavors.  My favorite was always a traditional spice chai with half the standard amount of sugar free caramel with soy.  It was so creamy and amazing, I can even imagine it sitting here now. 

Even before I was a vegan I have always enjoyed chai with soy milk, rather than cow’s milk.  Maybe it’s just the vanilla flavor, but I think that the sweetness of the soy milk adds to the flavor of the chai.  Even if you drink cow’s milk on a regular basis, I highly recommend trying a chai with soy.

So what’s so awesome about chai tea, you might ask?

  • It’s a black tea, which means that it is high in antioxidants.
  • The spices (cinnamon, ginger, cloves, black pepper, and fennel) in chai can help aid and support digestion.
  • Chai can be anti-inflammatory, mostly because of the ginger.  Can help relieve arthritis.
  • Contains less caffeine than coffee.
  • Chai is often used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, although in these cases the specific blend would be tailored to the individual.

I almost exclusively drink tea, instead of coffee, because coffee has such an acidic effect on your body.  Acidity in your body makes it a toxic environment, that is more inviting for disease and ailments.  To learn more about acid/base balance in the body, I highly recommend reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr.  This book changed my life, and is actually what really convinced me, ultimately, to become vegan. 

Anywho… get outside and enjoy this amazing Saturday for me, maybe even with an iced chai!  I’m gonna get my booty to the office now, so I’ll ttyl!

What’s your favorite kind of tea?

When did you try chai for the first time?

❤ Lindsay


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Wasn’t today just gorgeous out???

Seattle love. ❤

Did you hear that they caught and killed this guy?

Go Team America!  I’m kind of embarrassed that I actually found out about this from the Facebook newsfeed, rather than from any credible news source.  When you have hundreds of people updating their statuses that Osama bin Laden is dead, I guess you can assume that it’s true.  Then again, the same thing happened with that crazy horoscope thing back in January, and that ended up being a hoax…

In other news, my basketball team won today 97-91!

They kind of rock.  Plus now I have bragging rights for at least the next few days, since Keenan is pulling for the Celtics. 🙂

I also made my first ever iHerb.com purchase today!  I got myself a 2lb bag of vanilla Sun Warrior protein powder.   I’ve never tried it, but I’ve heard so many people in the blog world raving about it, that I figured it was worth a shot.  I use protein powder in my smoothies daily, so I’m pretty stoked to try this one out.  I also bought a bag of chia seeds, which I haven’t had on hand for a few months now.  These will also go in smoothies, for omega-3 power, but I also plan on using them for other recipes, which I’m sure you’ll end up seeing on the blog.  My final purchase was dulse powder, which I’m excited to try out.  I’ve had regular dried dulse, but I haven’t tried it in a powder form before.  Should be interesting to try out, and experiment with different uses for it, besides just a smoothie add-in.

So, on to my food for the day….

When I got to work I bought myself a grande soy chai from Starbucks.

For my first lunch, I enjoyed this sandwich, sitting out on the patio at the hospital, enjoying the sunshine.

On the outside, it may looks like a normal sandwich, but on the inside…

…packed with berry goodness!  I requested this almond butter and strawberry sandwich this morning as a healthier alternative to an AB&J.  AB&S, I suppose??  This was actually my first time trying a sandwich like this, and, let me tell you, it will not be the last.  Despite lacking all the added sugar that jelly contains, this was still sweet and delicious.  I would say that this will be a staple of mine in the future, but I actually don’t keep fresh berries in the house too often because of the price.  I was lucky enough to score these strawberries from my farm delivery last week.

As usual, my second lunch was a huge ol’ salad.

In the mix: spring mix (with the radicchio picked out, of course), shredded carrot, red bell pepper, sprouts, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, and Goddess dressing.

My dinner at work consisted of half of a baked sweet potato with BBQ sauce.

It photographed poorly, but tasted amazing.

These are super easy to make, by the way.  All I did was cut a large sweet potato in half, poke it with a fork a few times, then put in in the microwave for five minutes.  I poured on the bbq sauce, then packed it for work.  When I was ready to eat it, I simply put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds, then enjoyed.  I just wish that I had some itty-bitty containers that I could have carried the sauce in, to put on after microwaving.  However, It still tasted great anyway.

I still haven’t decided on my after work snack, but apparently, since it’s my Friday night, I might be going to play poker at one of Keenan’s friend’s houses.  That should be interesting.  I’ll let you know how it goes, k? 😉

I hope you all have a lovely night, and a great Monday!

Who’s your team in the NBA playoffs? Do you even care?

Tell me about something exciting that happened to you this weekend!

❤ Lindsay


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Smoothie Alternative

Happy Thursday!

It’s another lovely, sunny, but cold day up here!

But, horror of all horrors, we were completely out of smoothie ingredients this morning!  How can I live??? The smoothie from yesterday was pretty much undrinkable.  The bf and I confessed to each other that neither of us were actually able to finish our smoothies yesterday, and dumped them out about halfway.  Just too thick (pulpy??) , and not enough flavor to go along with the orange and mango.

Since I wasn’t able to make myself a smoothie at home, I decided to do the next best thing and grab some of the good ol’ Starbucks.  It’s easy enough, since there are three directly in my path between my apartment and work. (One at our ferry terminal, one on my walk up to the bus, and one inside the hospital.)

I went with my usual grande soy chai, and decided to try the Naked Green Machine smoothie.

I’ve tried the Odwalla Superfood before, but this one is new to me.

Pretty good line-up if you ask me.  The only thing I could ask for would be the enzymes that were pasteurized out of it.  Enzymes are one of the best parts about eating raw foods; the enzymes from the food help the enzymes in your body break down the food, so that your body doesn’t have to work as hard.  Kinda cool, huh?  However, these enzymes are destroyed once they have been heated about 115 degrees.

This stuff tastes pretty darn delicious though.  Plus, the combo of algae provides 50% of your vitamin B12 per bottle!

Last night after work, the bf was sweet enough to take the ferry over to Seattle and meet me!  He even brought Arlo!  We all walked around downtown for a while, then headed back to the ferry.  Usually on nights, like last night, that I get off at 9pm, I have to sit around for almost an hour and a half in the ferry terminal by myself, so I was quite grateful for the excellent company. 🙂

We also bother decided to get one of my favorite decently healthy vegan fast food options.


Since they added avocado to their options, I am obsessed.  Such an easy on-the-go vegan meal.  I get these way too often.  Again, the locations are so convenient for me, as well.

What are your favorite on-the-go vegan foods?

❤ Lindsay

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